How long does the Russian Post work?

Evgenia Zimnyakova
Evgenia Zimnyakova
February 12, 2013
How long does the Russian Post work?

Russian Post in the modern world is absolutely not the same as it was before. In the mail, you can now not just send a letter, parcel post or parcel. Mail operation is not limited to subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. Now at the post office you can pay for many services, such as electricity, the Internet; make money transfers, and this is not the whole list of actions performed. Given this range of services, many try to catch it after their work day or on weekends.

We will tell you how long the Post of Russia works, so that you can always manage to complete all the operations you need.

Schedule of Russian Post

The schedule of the post office depends on the size of the settlement in which it is located. Also, the mode of operation is affected by the remoteness of the post office from the city center. The larger the settlement and the closer to the center, the more hours the post office will work.

Consider the approximate work schedules of post offices in Russian cities. In the largest cities, post offices, which are located in the very center of the city, are open from 08 to 22 hours. On Saturday and Sunday schedule from 09 to 18 hours. All days without lunch.

More distant from the center offices work from 08 to 20 hours on weekdays. From 09 to 18 hours on weekends, with lunch from 13 to 14 hours.

In smaller localities, mail is open from 09 to 18 hours on weekdays, lunch from 13 to 14 hours. On weekends, such offices often do not work.

On holiday days, post offices most often work according to the general regime of the labor code of the Russian Federation, i.e. an hour less than usual.

If it is important to you how much the Post of Russia works, so as not to come to the closed door in the morning, then it is better to go to 09 o'clock, since at that time all the departments usually work in general mode.