How much alcohol comes out of the body?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
July 27, 2012
How much alcohol comes out of the body?

The issue of removing alcohol from the body can worry many people who, by virtue of their work obligations or existing rules and laws, must perform certain actions or perform work duties without signs of alcohol intoxication. In this category, for example, drivers and pilots. Sale and use of alcohol in Russia are not prohibited, and its use in moderation, in the absence of contraindications, does not cause severe harm to the body. However, after consuming alcohol, many would like to know when the body is free from it.

How much alcohol is processed

There is no exact answer to the question of how much alcohol leaves the body. This process depends on many factors. These include weight and age, metabolic rate and liver condition, as well as the quantity and quality of alcohol consumed. Divide the two phases of the presence of alcohol in the body - absorption and excretion.The period of absorption takes much less time than excretion, and depends on the time of alcohol intake, the maximum concentration of alcohol in the blood, the type and amount of food eaten. Removal of alcohol occurs through the lungs, kidneys and liver. And the liver processes not less than 70% of the drunk. The elimination period is from 7 to 12 hours, but these are average values. So, drunk 300 grams. vodka in middle-aged men and weighing 70 kg. on average, are eliminated from the body within 24 hours. And the same amount of light beer is neutralized in 4 hours. Doctors calculated an average of how much alcohol comes out of the body, from which it follows that an adult healthy man weighs 80 kg. 0.1-0.15 ppm of pure ethanol is eliminated from the body. It is impossible to accelerate the decomposition of alcohol in the liver, but it can be accelerated through the kidneys and lungs. To do this, drink plenty of fluids and take a walk in the fresh air. It is best to drink sweet tea, because it contains a lot of caffeine, which is good at destroying alcohol, and it is an excellent diuretic.

Estimated alcohol withdrawal time

  • Vodka in the amount of 100 grams. 4 hours displayed;
  • Cognac in the amount of 100 grams. 5 hours is displayed;
  • 500 grams of beer. 2 hours displayed;
  • Champagne in the amount of 100 grams. 1.5 hours is displayed;
  • Dry wine in the amount of 200 grams. 3 hours displayed;
  • Fortified wine in the amount of 100 gr. displays 4 hours.

These figures depend on the individual characteristics of the organism, therefore for professional purposes it is best to use a breathalyzer that measures the level of alcohol in exhaled vapors.