How long does alcohol erode?

Holidays and alcohol in our country have become integral parts of each other. If important things are coming up the next day, how do you know how much alcohol is eroding from the body and how quickly to return to a normal rut? This issue is especially relevant for people with personal vehicles.

How to measure the amount of alcohol

Blood alcohol content is measured in thousandths or ppm. For example, one thousandth corresponds to the number 0.001, which is 0.1% in percentage terms. This means that the percentage of alcohol to the total mass of blood is 0.1% or 1 gram per kilogram of fluid.

In practice, nobody will be able to calculate ppm, and there is hardly a handy device for measuring. Only one way out - to control the amount of alcohol consumed. The time after which alcohol disappears from the body depends on the body weight, sex and age of the person. And of course, the determining factor will be the choice of drinks and the volume of their consumption.

In the female body contains 10-20% less fluid than men. This is due to the total volume of blood circulating in the body. This number is an average of 4.5 liters for men and 3.6 liters for women. Therefore, with the same doses of alcohol, its concentration in the blood of women is higher than that of men.

Alcohol processing speed in the body

For the processing of alcohol in the body meets the liver. In men, the liver copes faster than in women, at a rate of 0.1-0.15 ppm per hour, while the average speed of a female liver is 0.08-0.09 ppm per hour.

The rate of absorption of alcohol in the blood is also different and depends on whether the food was in the stomach (on a full stomach, absorption is slower), how strong the drink entered the body and contained gases (stronger and carbonated drinks are absorbed faster). In the liver about 98% of alcohol comes in, and there it is processed by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. Only a small part of the alcohol comes out with sweat and breath. Thus, it is difficult to judge how popular methods, such as a bath or a sauna, help to speed up the process of the release of a substance from the body.

With age, the amount of enzymes produced by the liver decreases, so our body is getting harder to cope with the symptoms of a hangover. Plus, with age, our liver finds it increasingly difficult to cleanse alcohol with impurities, so you should choose only high-quality drinks to avoid a strong “hangover syndrome”.

Alcohol Table

Below is a table of the time of release of alcohol from the body, depending on body weight and the type of drinks consumed. Time is given depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. On this table, you can determine how much alcohol is eroding, but only approximately. For example, take a man weighing 70 kg who drank half a liter of vodka. The table shows that the time of release of alcohol from the body exceeds 24 hours, and if we are talking about the female body, then about 30 hours.

How much alcohol is eroding

To summarize: if you completely refuse to drink alcohol, the situation does not allow you, and gets behind the wheel or you just need to be in shape in the morning, then you should limit yourself to the consumption of wine or beer, while observing the rate of 0.5-1 liter depending on drink.And in order to never wonder in the future, about what to drink and how much, it is better to completely get rid of this habit.