How much milk does a goat give?

Andrey Kim
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How much milk does a goat give?

Goat milk is a very useful product, it contains two times more protein than cow's milk, and they are five times better absorbed. Goat's milk contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. But why, then, do we so rarely see goat milk on store shelves?

The fact is that a goat does not give a lot of milk, but at the same time the maintenance of this animal is a very expensive enterprise. As a result, it turns out that goat's milk costs much more than so common cow's milk, and therefore it cannot be made to be a mass product. However, if you carefully search for goat's milk in a large supermarket, you will probably find it, but the price, please note, may unpleasantly surprise you.

So how much milk does a goat give?

Average goat yield

The average yield of a goat is 4 liters per day. It is important to say that fodder plays great importance in terms of milk yield: the fresher and juicier the fodder, the more goat gives milk. That is why in summer, when an animal has access to fresh green grass, the yield of milk yields, as a rule, increase and reach 5 liters, and in winter, on the contrary, decrease, sometimes even to 2 liters.

The average yield of a goat is 700 liters per year; with proper nutrition, indicators of 1000-1200 liters can be achieved.


At the moment, the record for goat milk production is fixed at 2235 liters per year!

This means that every day a goat brought about 6 liters of milk. This is more than even the summer norms, not to mention the winter ones.