How not to get drunk and how quickly to get drunk

How not to get drunk and how quickly to get drunk

How not to get drunk and how quickly to get drunk?

In order not to get drunk.



Well, first you need to specify the simplest, most obvious and effective way - do not drink at all. What are we drinking for? Naturally, if a person does not want to get drunk, he probably does not want to experience the effects of alcohol. Which he, for some reason, has to drink. Immediately it should be said - if the amount of alcohol ingested into the body is large enough - you will get drunk anyway, despite all the tricks. Consequently, the techniques used to make the "not to get drunk, will be divided into two large groups. The first -how not to get drunk, preventing the ingress of alcohol into the body. The second -how not to get drunkwhile taking alcohol. Let's start immediately with the second group. As a person searching on the Internet "how not to get drunk"Still will have to take some alcohol. And we will start with tips on how to do it should not.


How quickly get drunk.



To do this, immediately drink a large amount of alcohol. Vodka, wine, champagne, beer - all this contains ethyl alcohol, which is a poisonous narcotic substance for the body. Our immune system is designed in such a way that it will resist the harmful effects of poisonous substances. Having immediately taken a large amount of alcohol, you thereby overturns the natural defense of the body with one powerful blow. The most suitable drink for this is whiskey. And I will now explain why. It is best absorbed by the body drinks strength not at all 40%, and 42.6%. It would seem that the difference is quite small, but it is significant. Drinks with a strength of 40% have the most unpleasant taste and low density of the alcohol solution. Beverages fortress 42.6% have anesthetic effect on taste buds, and drink faster and easier. Bitter taste immediately gives a signal to the fact that something bad has entered the body, and immunity begins its struggle. And if there is no sensation, the reaction will be already after the alcohol has penetrated into the blood, and is much weaker. Pay attention - in American films you can see how a man drinks a large glass of undiluted whiskey.It is unlikely that he could do this with vodka.


Another wayhow fast get drunk- is to drink on an empty stomach, experiencing some feeling of hunger. Our stomach will intensively absorb in this state everything that comes into it. Including - ethyl alcohol. Drink anything strong drinks with this method is not recommended, it can cause a vomitive reflex. Do not want to drink vodka - drink champagne, beer, wine, cocktails. The main thing - to fasting. If you drink whiskey - this will prevent a vomitive reflex, since it acts on the nerve receptors as anesthesia.


Water. It is vital to the body. For example, to quench your thirst, a person needs to drink 200 grams of clean water, or about a liter of beer. And after the beer, soon again you will want to drink. Alcohol, like any other poison, dehydrates the body. Try to "deceive" your immunity a little more, quenching your thirst at the party not with water, but with beer.


Gas bubbles. They act as a catalyst. You irritate their taste buds, and alcohol begins to be absorbed not only in the stomach, but also when you enter it - the esophagus, the oral cavity. Therefore, champagne, strong beer, cocktails with gas, vodka with soda, whiskey and soda will be very handy. Adding strong liquor to carbonated drinks, we skillfully deceive the body.


Do not drink cold or cold drinks. Low temperatures slow down the rate of chemical reactions, including the absorption of alcohol into the blood. If you want to quickly get drunk - do not drink cold vodka, beer from the refrigerator, champagne with ice. Drink wine, warm brandy, hot punch.


Do not eat fat. Fats react with alcohol in the stomach. When this is absorbed a significant amount. If you are trying to get drunk quickly, you should not at all eat with bacon, butter. A piece of cake can be considered fatty food, because it contains cream. And it is made on the basis of butter, cream and other fats. On the contrary - eating fruits or carbohydrates, for example, candy, a piece of bread, cookies, you will accelerate the absorption of alcohol into the body.


If, after all, you thought abouthow fast get drunk, remember - the effect does not come immediately. Maybe you wanted to get drunk a little less? Do not rush to draw conclusions that there is no effect and need to be repeated. Only after 15 minutes you can roughly estimate the effect.


So let us formulate a simple and effective way to get drunk quickly.



  • It is necessary to take a large glass of whiskey, 200 grams for example.
  • Before that, you need not to eat for several hours in order to experience a slight feeling of hunger.
  • Drink a glass of soda, then immediately - a glass of whiskey.
  • Have a bite of candy.
  • Wait 15 minutes. If the effect is not achieved, start with the first item.
  • Feel thirst in the breaks - quench it exclusively with beer.


What to do to not get drunk.



Based on previous tips,what to do so as not to get drunk.



  • Drink vodka. Oddly enough, alcohol from vodka is worse absorbed by the body than from wine, champagne, beer, whiskey.
  • Maximum stretch the portion of alcohol in time. Drink small glasses, small sips, do not drink in one gulp. Here lies another secret - if you still have something to drink in the glass, it is possible that if you spill you will simply be missed, and you will avoid another portion of alcohol.
  • Do not drink on an empty stomach. Immediately before a party or corporate party you need to eat well. It is advisable at the same time to eat fatty foods, it is absorbed for a long time, there will be some fat in the stomach that will react with alcohol and neutralize it.
  • Have a bite of lard, cream cake, a piece of cake.
  • Try not to drink alcohol with gas bubbles, and generally carbonated drinks. It is better to drink simple pure water.
  • In no case do not drink beer, it "deceives" the body, posing as water, has gas bubbles and contains a small amount of alcohol, "hidden" behind other substances.


How not to get drunk at a party.



Let's get to the tips from another group, how easy it is to avoid an extra stack,how not to get drunk at a partyor during a corporate party, and at the same time to take part in the general fun, not to be separated from the team.


  • The easiest advice is not to drink alone. If communication happens without taking alcohol - why do it? After all, you want not to get drunk, is not it? Drink only when everyone is raising their glasses together for some reason.
  • It is not necessary to dry the glass to the bottom. It is enough just to attach to the wine with your lips, so you sort of like drinking, but at the same time alcohol does not get into the stomach.
  • If your glass is not empty, and you are offered to pour more, it will be easier to say "Thank you, I have."
  • Take part in something. For example, dance, take part in the competition. Or tell something, it is better to the well-known interlocutor.The main thing - in the framework of decency, that everything was comme il faut. So you take yourself for a while, you will not drink and eat, and you will be busy during the party with other, more interesting things. Of course, to tell something when you feel that you are already drunk is not worth it. Especially at corporate parties for all to hear. Better dance.
  • You can pour grape or cherry juice instead of wine or champagne - when everyone is drunk enough, they may not notice the substitution. And instead of vodka, you can pour water.
  • A small glass of vodka can be discreetly poured under the table. The main thing that no one noticed - it looks very uncultured.

In general, if you never drank in a circle of strangers and do not know how to behave, and life demands, better drink before that a couple of times in the circle of good friends. You will understand what these feelings are, what you are capable of in this state and whether it is worth it at all. Maybe it's better just not to go? If you have good relationships with people - you will definitely understand. In any case, when going to a party, you need to go with someone you know well and who can at least take home if that. Alcohol is now out of fashion.