How not to "obabet" on maternity leave?

Surely each of us has a girlfriend, who after giving birth from a business and sexy fashionista turned into an aunt. And not only externally, but also internally. The once slim, attractive, well-dressed, with a bright manicure, without makeup, she could not even take out the trash from the house. Careerist, aware of all the latest events. And then once you ... 20 kg for pregnancy, a bunch on the head and ugg ... Manicure? Shilak? Face and neckline masks? God forbid - solarium? No. All thoughts are only about the baby and how to sleep ... Well, at least an extra hour. My friend, the mother of a four-month baby, confessed to me: “My husband comes home from work and starts telling me about how the euro jumped today. And I listen, but do not drive in. And I can not support the conversation. Probably he’s not interested in me anymore. ” Maybe…

Psychologists explain this behavior of mothers by the fact that during pregnancy and after childbirth, the female nature completely or almost completely switches over to the child in order to bear it, give birth and give it strength. The instincts that are habitual for us disappear somewhere

And here it's important to get yourself in good time. Someone succeeds, and some do not. So how to stay in good shape after childbirth and continue to develop as a person, and not just as a mother?

Well, first make a written plan of action and attach it to the refrigerator. Visualization always works.

Sport twice a week

Minimum. With a little kid? Yes. We buy a subscription to a fitness center near the house, we are waiting for her husband to return from work, we hand him milk expressed in a bottle and for two hours to the gym, swimming pool, sauna, as you wish. Running Of course, there are many reasons to abandon this undertaking, but, with all due respect, these will be excuses. The main thing is to squeeze the will into a fist. At the beginning of the path is always difficult, then it will be easier. Many fitness centers prefer jogging in the park, exercise in the fresh air. You are welcome. Only classes do not miss! The fitness center is good because by buying a subscription, say for half a year, we discipline ourselves in terms of visits. Do not throw the money away. Yes, and the main rule: during sports, try not to think about the sliders and feeding, do not need to monitor the actions of her husband on the phone every five minutes. This is only your time.Learn to "disconnect".
How not to "obabet" on maternity leave?

Walking with the baby on the street

The more you walk with your child, the better for him and for you. Walking - an excellent remedy for the blues and excess weight. It perfectly burns fat, strengthens the muscles of the back, gives shape to the buttocks and thighs. So forget about the benches and seeds. We upload a mobile application - a pedometer and a calorie burning counter. It is worth starting from short distances, gradually increasing the mileage. Ideally, you should walk at least 10 km a day with a sidecar: five in the morning and five in the evening. While walking in small sips, drink mineral water without gas. Later, when hiking will not be enough for you, you can start exercising right along with the stroller according to this scheme: 2 minutes of slow running + 1 minute of walking, and so on in a circle.


First, this: complex carbohydrates (all kinds of cereals) until 18:00. After 18:00 - protein (chicken, cottage cheese). Exclude white bread and sugar. On such a scheme, nutritionists advise all young moms to pass. Simply and easily. Excess leaves.
How not to "obabet" on maternity leave?


Sling! This is a great opportunity to get out with your child at least once a week. With the help of a sling, you can freely use public transport, go shopping, and meet girlfriends in a cafe with your child.In this case, your hands will always be free. You can take the bags and packages. Baby such walks will only be a joy. He does not have to rock. Knocking my mother's heart, her steps and breathing are all that a child needs for sound sleep. In addition, psychologists say that a walk in a sling has a beneficial effect on the mental and mental development of a small passenger. Baby and mother are calm. And things are not in place. And how many beautiful colors! For every taste!

Cosmetic procedures

Of course, no one requires an ideal manicure from a housewife with an infant in her arms. But nails should always be well-groomed. If you do not want to do, say, shilak, which lasts for 2-3 weeks, clear lacquer will help out. The file should always be in your purse. Do not forget to pinch your eyebrows and take care of your hair. A visit to the beauty salon acts on the young mother very favorably. Therefore, milk in a jar, and two hours you have exactly in your pocket. Psychologists advise after childbirth to do something new for a cosmetic procedure. Massage helps to prevent postpartum depression. The main thing is to start! Then everything will go like clockwork.
How not to "obabet" on maternity leave?


Psychologists warn that the consciousness of a young mom should not only revolve around a baby. Otherwise, the husband will see in you first of all a mother, not a wife. And this is fraught with sexual problems ... In addition to caring for your appearance, you must not forget about self-development. We listen to audiobooks during walks with the child; at home we turn on our favorite television programs in the background. We are looking for inspiration in everything! In Instagram, for example, many moms share the secrets of raising their children with subscribers. We adjoin. Take an example from the best! And do not need to pull everything on their shoulders. If the grandmother wants to sit with the child - let it! If the husband, instead of you, decided to clean the floors at home, and you know that no one will do this better than you, mop him in your hands! Learn to find time for yourself.