How can parents help the student handle the workload?

Adults love to remember, for all their work, how carefree their childhood was. However, with free time in modern children every year becomes more difficult. Experts have conducted studies and found that the main cause of health problems among students is the stress of time constraints.

Pupil in modern conditions

It is proved that over the past 50 years, the load in secondary schools has more than doubled, while the volume of homework has also doubled. In addition, children attend additional sections, clubs, and schools, so they must be constantly in a hurry to maintain academic performance. And even taking into account this time for rest is sorely lacking.

Another difficulty is psychological pressure from parents and teachers, when stress is generated due to excessive demands on students. As a result, 40% of primary school students have signs of neurosis, and among adolescents, this indicator may be as high as 70%.In such conditions it is necessary to give vitamins to schoolchildren for memory and brain function.

Experts note that when studying in institutions with in-depth study of disciplines, a child by the end of a quarter and a year largely becomes less efficient. At the same time, reduced physical activity affects it in the most detrimental way. It used to be that all children spent their free time on the street, and now - at a computer or TV.

Vitamins to support the body

Seven years old

The main focus for primary school is in the development of the diet on the saturation of dishes with useful components. At the same time, in addition to proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is impossible to underestimate the importance of vitamins, which for schoolchildren’s memory will become simply indispensable supplements in the diet.

Children 11-12 years old

At this age, food must necessarily contain sufficient plant and animal products, which is far from being obtained by all parents for a variety of reasons.

By the age of 12, girls are increasingly starting to look after themselves, trying to limit themselves to eating. The boys are already dreaming of a pumped up body, starting to use sports nutrition.Many of these experiments ultimately lead to metabolic disorders with the formation in the body of a deficiency of beneficial elements.

Over the years, the tastes of the children also change, which leads to the abandonment of previously familiar dishes and a long habituation to new ones. The lack of energy is often filled with harmful products, and the task of parents at this stage is to explain well to children how important it is to eat right, and together to make a diet that does not have a deficiency of vitamins that are so necessary in a growing organism. With vegetables and fruits, vitamins enter the body, but they must be eaten constantly and in decent amounts, which is not cheap.

Pikovit Forte

It is obvious that vitamins for children are simply necessary for the brain during the period of study, and most often it is impossible to obtain them with food. If the children's body is deficient in nutrients, then Pikovit vitamin complexes will be the best choice. Pikovit is shown at children's age already from 7 years in the following cases:

  1. Decreased concentration, overwork.
  2. Physical exercise.
  3. Lack or loss of appetite.
  4. Inadequate nutrition.
  5. Seasonal lack of nutrients.
  6. Antibiotic treatment.

Such vitamins for the attention of children will be indispensable, and Pikovit contains in its composition precisely those components that, from the age of 7, become not only useful, but decisive for the subsequent normal development of the body. Among the main advantages of the vitamin complex are the following:

  • Group B micronutrients ideally help to form the nervous system of the child’s body, actively participate in metabolism and maintain normal energy balance.
  • With enhanced psycho-emotional and physical stress of 10-year-old children, complexes with a high content of essential micronutrients, which is available in Picovita, are required.
  • In Pikovita Forte, there are vitamins for neuroprotection (A, C, E, D3) and group B, which help to maintain students' cognitive abilities, as well as folic acid, which ensures the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system, especially before the age of 11 years.
  • Against the background of enhanced psychoemotional and physical exertion, it is very important that the drug include higher doses of the elements.It acquires an important character with hyperactivity and neurosis in children, which may be accompanied by a syndrome of minimal brain dysfunction and insufficient concentration of attention. In such conditions, the child suffers greatly from a decrease in performance. At the same time, these vitamins increase immunity and have a positive effect on appetite.

It should be noted that the drug Pikovit Forte was developed directly for students, therefore, when preparing its composition, heightened psychoemotional and physical loads were compulsorily taken into account, with which the body cannot cope on its own. To the delight of children, lozenges have a pleasant sweet taste of tangerine. In addition, these vitamins are not contraindicated in dental diseases, overweight and diabetes.