How were people created?

Many are interested in the question of how and by whom people were created. Despite the enormous popularity of this issue, there is no single and unambiguous answer. There are three main theories of the origin of people: evolutionary theory, the theory of divine creation and the theory of external intervention. Let us dwell on each of them.

Evolutionary theory

This is the most common and scientifically based theory that is studied in schools. The main thesis of the theory is as follows: people evolved from primates - apes under the influence of natural selection and external factors. Usually, the theory is attributed to Darwin, but in fact this hypothesis was first expressed by the French naturalist Georges-Louis de Bouffon. Evolutionary theory confirms a large amount of evidence: archaeological, genetic, biological, paleontological, etc. However, some evidence can be interpreted in different ways, which allows opponents of Darwinism to criticize this approach.


In addition to evolutionary theory, a large number of supporters are attracted to the theory of divine creation or creationism. To the question of how people were created, this theory answers: by God, by gods, or by other higher powers from nothing.

Creation Man Myths

In all cultures there were myths about the origin of the world and people. The most archaic anthropogonic myths tell about the origin of people from totem animals. For example, the North American Indians believed that humans were descended from turtles, which removed the shells. The Indians of Mexico believed that at first monkey people, boar people and jaguar people were created.

In most religions, people were created by creator gods, demiurges. Thus, in ancient Egyptian mythology, the main demiurge is the sheep-headed god Khnum, who sculpts people and animals from clay as well as their Ka (soul). In Greek mythology, the creator god is Prometheus, who fashioned people from the earth and water. The ancient Scandinavians believed that the demiurge Odin and other aces created the first people from the tree. The woman was created from alder (according to other sources - from willow), the man - from ash. Then Odin breathed life into people.

As you see, people were usually created from natural materials: clay, earth, water, wood, plants, etc. There is another category of myths about how people were created, namely from the body of a cultural hero. Thus, in ancient Chinese mythology, the origin of people is rather unassuming: they originated from the parasites who inhabited the body of the dead giant Pan-Gu. From the rest of its body parts, the rest of the world originated. In India there was a belief that the whole world was created by Brahma, and people emerged from the body of Purusha - the first-born man whom the gods sacrificed. The dead hero gave life to different classes: warriors emerged from his hands, priests of the lips of the lips, etc.

Anthropogenic myths, however, do not give an answer to the question of why people were created. Christianity believes that the goal of human existence is to serve God and good.

Bible version

The Bible describes that God the Father created all things in 7 days. He created the first man of Adam at the end of 6 days in his own image and likeness. According to another version, Adam was made from the dust of the earth (clay). Later, God put Adam to sleep, took one rib from him, and made him the first woman Eve. Adam and Eve became husband and wife and lived in the Garden of Eden until their fall into sin.Theology believes that this theory does not require proof and is perceived as an axiom.

Disputes between supporters of evolutionary theory and creationism do not subside to this day, but modern theology does not deny the scientific approach, and scientists, by contrast, recognize the presence of some higher power.

Theory of External Intervention

There is another look at how people were created. According to the theory of external intervention, the appearance of people on Earth is associated with other civilizations. In other words, humans are descended from aliens who came to Earth in ancient times. There are versions that a reasonable person appeared like this:

  • as a result of the interbreeding of aliens and human ancestors;
  • as a result of genetic engineering;
  • The evolutionary process on Earth took place under the control of an alien mind.