How to adjust the shape of the face and make it visually thinner

You mastered the technique of contouring better than Kim Kardashian, and the cheeks remained in place? No problem. We talk about four procedures that will help to find a chiseled oval and dream cheekbones.

Sculptural massage

Perhaps the easiest way to return face clarity of lines - sculptural massage. It is better to take it in the course of 8-10 procedures, but the effect will be noticeable after the first session.

With a sculptural massage, the beautician is working on the deep muscles of the face. Thus, you can tighten the flakes, remove the second chin. The massage has a drainage effect: the excess fluid goes away, swelling subsides, due to which the face becomes more prominent (the cheekbones will be like that of Megan Fox) and thin. Skin tone and elasticity increase. Bonus: mimic wrinkles become less noticeable.

Get ready for the fact that this procedure is not pleasant, you will have to suffer. And after the first session, the muscles can hurt like a body after a workout in the gym. But it's worth it.

Buccal massage

Buccal massage is the same sculptural, only in this case, the effect on the muscles occurs from the other side - through the mouth. Coupled with the classic massage effect will be more noticeable. But the buccal massage alone will bring the desired fruits: the oval will tighten significantly, the swelling will go away, and the relief will be such that everyone will be jealous.

How to adjust the shape of the face and make it visually thinner

How to adjust the shape of the face and make it visually thinner

Mesotherapy Drainage

In some clinics offer drainage mesotherapy - one of the fastest and most effective ways to rid the face of excess volumes. Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin, since the injections can be painful. After that, injections of drugs with a drainage effect are carried out - mainly of natural origin. The procedure takes 20-40 minutes. If necessary, it is recommended to take a course in 2-3 sessions.

It is better not to look in the mirror for the first few hours after the drainage mesotherapy - the face will be swollen, small bruises may appear in the place of the injections. But the very next day, pleasant changes will be waiting for you in the mirror. All the excess goes. Cheekbones become chiseled, and cheeks, even the most plump, imperceptible.Thanks to such injections, you can not only lose a few extra centimeters, but also, for example, slightly adjust the hanging eyelid and visually increase the volume of the lips (for this purpose, the drug is injected above the upper lip, because of which the fat layer is reduced there, and the lip is slightly “turned out”) .

After drainage mesotherapy, it is recommended not to play sports (at least a week), not to go to the sauna and not to be under the influence of direct sunlight (at least a month).

Removal of the lumps of Bisha

If nature has endowed you with puffy cheeks like Miranda Kerr, then, lose weight, don't lose weight, they will remain in place - the structure is like that. But if chiseled cheekbones - your cherished dream, there is a solution. True, it is necessary to decide, albeit on a small one, but the operation is the removal of lumps of Bish, that is, fatty tissues in the cheeks.

It is worth noting that the result will be really noticeable only for those whose fat accumulations are hypertrophied. If the excess volume in the cheeks is more likely a question of your subjective dissatisfaction with yourself and in fact there is no excess fat in the facial tissues, then there will be no wow effect.

The operation to remove the lumps of Bisha is usually performed under local anesthesia, but with a strong desire can use general anesthesia.The doctor makes a small incision on the inside of the cheeks and removes excess fat, then stitches. Puffiness after the procedure lasts 2–3 days. During this time, you should eat liquid and mushy food. As after any serious intervention, a few weeks after the operation you can not play sports and go to the sauna.

How to adjust the shape of the face and make it visually thinner

How to adjust the shape of the face and make it visually thinner