How to apply gel polish?

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How to apply gel polish?

From now on, a brilliant discovery appeared - gel polish. This is a real find. This is a revolution in the nail business. Gel polish keeps on nails up to 20 days. It does not tarnish, does not erase, does not flake. Dries within two minutes. Now it is not necessary to wait half an hour until the varnish dries. Gel polish coating is very popular among both clients and leading masters. Gel varnish is safe to use, because the nail is protected, and the material is hypoallergenic. Within three weeks, the coating does not require correction, and retains its luster. In order to get a saturated color, the gel lacquer is applied in two layers, and for a translucent one is sufficient. Also, you will get rid of a strong smell, because gels do not smell. Gellak gives you the opportunity to be the owner of a chic manicure. It is absolutely not necessary to increase nails now.

Gel-Lac strengthen your nails. They will become strong and flexible. You can forget about fragility forever. Another plus of gel varnish is self-leveling. When applied, it fills cracks and voids.Even with a thin layer of smooth, shiny surface is guaranteed.

How to apply gel polish

Only by strictly following all the instructions, gel-lac will last for three weeks. If the application was wrong, the coating will exfoliate and crack in the first days. Below is a clear guide: how to apply gel lacquer. It is simple to perform and understand. So, the question is - how to apply the gel on the nails? will be for you a trifling matter.

  • To begin with, the nail plate needs to be prepared. To form the free edge of the nail. It must be flat and free from dust. Also need to remove the cuticle. This will not give the gel to the lacquer to exfoliate. If during the preparation balms and oils are used, the nails should be dried for 10 minutes.
  • For strong adhesion of gel polish to the nail plate, you need to remove the gloss. This can be done with an abrasive nail file (180 / 180,240 / 240). If this is neglected, the gel polish will split off.
  • Next you need to apply a dehydrator to degrease the nails. Touching the prepared nail plates is prohibited.
  • If the nail plate is weakened, then the foundation should be applied with a thin layer.It will not allow gel lacquer to peel off in the first days, and will provide a link between the nail and the gel material. Also, the base will protect your nail from coloring pigments gel polish. Primer (base) does not contain methacrylic acid. Therefore, it is harmless. Still, you need not forget, cover the end of the nail.
  • After that, place your hand in the UV unit for 1 minute so that the base gel will polymerize. To gel varnish lay flat, did not spread and was not going to, the nail plate should be aligned with a brush.
  • Gel polish should be applied with a thin layer. And be extremely careful to avoid the formation of bubbles, chipping, clutches and other things. If the gel-lac got on the cuticle, remove it with an orange stick or pusher. After applying each layer, the nail should be placed in the UV unit for 2 minutes. After applying the gel lacquer, apply the finishing gel. It should be applied in a thicker layer.

The end result will look like this: brilliantly and richly. If you strictly follow the instructions, you will forget about the nail salon for three weeks.

To consolidate, more details on how to apply gel polish video below in this topic. And you can easily answer the question - how to apply gel polish.

After three weeks, comes another question: how to remove the gel polish. Everything is much simpler here.Removal takes only 25-30 minutes. But the longer the gel polish was on your nails, the longer the removal will take place. The same method is used as with acrylic nails. It is necessary to soak the gel polish in a special tool. It lifts up in the form of a film and can be easily removed with an orange stick. After removal, the nails should be polished and softened with oil.