How to bake tomatoes?

If it is the middle of August in the yard and you are already impossibly tired of tomatoes in whole raw form or in salads, try to cook baked tomatoes. Photo tutorials with step-by-step illustrations, abundant online recipes in cookbooks or ladies' magazines will help you to master the simple process of their preparation. We, in turn, will also try to do our bit and offer you some ideas how to bake tomatoes in any original way. So, meet our selection of the best recipes for tomatoes baked in the oven!

Tomatoes and Cheese

  • In order to cook tomatoes baked under cheese, you will need, first of all, naturally, the tomatoes themselves, at the rate of three - four medium tomatoes per consumer. Tomatoes should be flattened, fleshy, bright red, without prozeleni at the tails, but not overripe! They must be well washed and dried.
  • The next necessary ingredient is, of course, cheese. It is better if it is a good hard cheese like Gouda or Edam, moderately spicy and fatty.Grate the cheese on a medium grater. For one serving you need about a glass of grated cheese. For spice, chopped garlic can be added to the cheese - one tooth per cup of cheese.
  • Take each tomato, cut off the base of it with a sharp knife, lay it with the cut up and cut it into plates less than a centimeter thick, but in no case do not cut them to the end! The nose of the tomato should remain intact and fasten the tomato slices in the form of a fan.
  • Carefully push the tomato slices apart, salt each section and put a spoonful of garlic-cheese mixture into it. When the whole tomato is sandwiched with cheese, lay it out in the form and take up the next one. Sprinkle tomatoes with ground black pepper, chopped parsley and put in an oven heated to 200 * C for 10-15 minutes.

Tomatoes baked with garlic, which, unlike tomatoes and cheese, can be served not only hot, but also cold, are almost the same.

Baked Tomatoes

Tomatoes with garlic

  • Take six ripe tomatoes of oblong shape (they are sometimes called �cream� by the people), and cut them lengthwise into two parts. Place them in cuts upward on a parchment-laid pan and salt.
  • Combine four tablespoons of olive oil, a spoonful of white breadcrumbs, two chopped cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of chopped parsley in one bowl.
  • Spread this mixture on top of the tomato boats and bake them in the oven at a temperature of about 200 * C until soft.

Potato baked with tomatoes

The dish is the simplest in preparation, but very tasty and effectively looking on the table.

  • We take a kilogram of medium-sized flat potatoes of the same size, wash it well and boil in uniforms until ready, drain the water and cool.
  • In the meantime, cut ripe, fleshy tomatoes in even thick circles. Circles need two times more than boiled potatoes. For our purposes, only circles from the middle of tomatoes are suitable, �crust� can be eaten in the process of cooking.
  • Hard cheese is cut into thin, wide slices, in the same quantity as the tomato circles.
  • We clean the potatoes and cut them in two lengths, dip each half in vegetable oil and place it in a refractory form with the cut up, salt and pepper.
  • For each half we place a circle of tomato, top with a slice of cheese and send the oven until the cheese melts and swells.

Chicken baked with tomatoes

  • Marinate chicken thighs (two thighs per serving) in a mixture of olive oil, salt, lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper and your favorite herbs. Marinate them for at least an hour, and if possible, leave them in the marinade overnight.
  • Put the thighs in a single layer in a refractory mold, oiled, and put them in the oven, preheated to 200 * C., where they bake them for about forty minutes.
  • Wash and dry small tomatoes, preferably cherries, dip them in olive oil and place them on top of the chicken, salt and sprinkle with pepper, chopped parsley, rosemary leaves and send it all in the oven for another quarter of an hour. The number of tomatoes per four servings (8 hips) can vary from half to one kilogram, depending on your taste.

Baked Chicken Fillet With Tomatoes

  • For two servings you will need two chicken fillets. Each of them cut flat along into two parts. As a result of this operation, you should have four natural chicken cutlets. Cover them with cling film and slightly beat off with a meat hammer. Sprinkle each chop with paprika, salt, pepper and dried basil and leave them under the film for a quarter of an hour.
  • Meanwhile, two large tomatoes are cut into slices, three on a large grater 100 - 200 grams of hard cheese.
  • Put the fillet pieces on the oiled parchment, grease them with mayonnaise or sour cream, put the tomato slices on them, add them and fill them with grated cheese. We bake in the oven with an average heating of about twenty minutes, and immediately serve on the table.

Baked Peppers with Tomatoes

  • Take two large thick-walled bell peppers in red or orange. Wash them, dry and cut along in half, without cutting off the tails. Clean the seeds and partitions from the halves. Salt and pepper them from the inside and place on a greased baking sheet with the cut up.
  • Put four cherry tomatoes in each half, sprinkle them with dried marjoram and basil, add a half of minced garlic, lightly pour olive oil and add a drop of balsamic vinegar.
  • Cover them with foil and bake for about a quarter of an hour at a temperature of 200 * C. After that, lower the temperature a little, remove the foil and keep them in the oven for another ten minutes.