How to be funny?

Some girls are very shy, so it’s pretty difficult for them to make friends with their peers. In order to be paid attention to you, always invited to parties and considered the soul of the company, you need to become funny. But only in a good sense of the word: this expression does not provide for wearing a clown costume and daily applying a bright makeup.

How can you be funny?

It is necessary to diversify. It is recommended to keep in stock a few fresh jokes and hilarious stories. They do not have to happen to you, the main thing is to be able to file them correctly. Some of them are easy to change and imagine as if it happened to you.

In search of jokes and jokes you can climb on various forums, entertainment sites, groups in social networks. But it is better to refuse vulgar jokes at once, since they are far from pleasant to everyone. We must try to find such jokes that will not hurt the feelings of others.

Relevant and clever jokes will make anyone laugh, which means that people who are with you will be drawn to you.After all, they will know that you are a very cheerful person and will always be able to cheer up, and this is what many need. In life, many do not have enough positive, but laughter also prolongs life.

Start to develop your communication skills to be able to turn the conversation in the right direction. So you learn to balance between humor and sincere participation, and then your comments will always be relevant. Moreover, even in an unpleasant situation, you can always find something good, and involuntarily make the other person smile.

Raisins in the wardrobe

First of all, you should start with your wardrobe. It is necessary to pick up more simple and flirty things. For example, a good choice would be a skirt-sun and blouse with sleeves-flashlights. But formal suits should be left for official events.

In the transformation will help funny accessories. As a brooch, you can pick up a butterfly, a pretty face. Now the stores sell badges with cool inscriptions. You can buy yourself a few and change them more often. Such cute little things will set the general tone, as a result, those around you will smile at you, make compliments.You, in turn, can joke, tell the story of the purchase icon. If she is uninteresting, then you can think of it so that everyone can feel funny.

Participation in social events

To be funny, you should drop your shyness. This will help to participate in all sorts of events that are held at school or university. For example, you can sing an incendiary composition at a concert for St. Valentine's Day or show a humorous number at an event dedicated to the International Women's Day. Do not hesitate, people will like it, because they love to have fun. Moreover, it will be possible to become a real star in a circle of friends, which means that you will be spoiled with attention. Gradually, people themselves will reach out to you, since you will become associated with positive things.