How to become a tester?

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How to become a tester?

We often hear about the profession of a programmer, it is highly valued and well paid. Most people who are far from software development (and most of them) think that only programmers are involved in software development, but in reality this is not the case. Developing a program is a complex and lengthy process involving dozens or even hundreds of specialists. In addition to several teams of programmers, designers, a dozen managers and managers, a large number of professionals who test software are also involved in the development.

The essence of the profession tester

The tester (or tester), as the name of the profession shows, is engaged in testing various software. You should not think that this work is very simple, because the software tester is, in fact, the same programmer who tests the program code in various ways.

The tester writes special procedures and programs that are designed to test and verify certain functions of the developed program.The test results are sent to programmers, who, depending on the result, make edits to the program code.

Testers check the software not only at the development stage, but also before its release. However, they are required to document and comment on every error and malfunction, so that programmers can quickly fix the problem.

In addition to software testers, there are game testers. Such people, as it is easy to guess, are engaged in testing computer games. For some people, this is a real dream - you play games and get paid for it. But it’s not all that easy, because getting a game tester is quite difficult. In addition, game testers must have a fairly large gaming experience and understand the game mechanics.

If the profession of a tester is still not for you, check out other specialties in the Professions section, and in the meantime we will learn how to become a tester.

How to become a tester

Software testers become a little easier than getting a game tester, since for the former there are special ones. In these courses, you are taught programming and writing techniques for special software testing programs.If it is not possible to pay for courses, you can study yourself, with the help of various. For those. who want to learn more about the work of testers, organize various conferences, people gather in thematic groups and clubs.

In order to become a game tester, you must play. But playing is not for fun, but to study the mechanics of the game, its features. You need to have a really great gaming experience. It is advisable to keep your blog about games, where you will describe their passage, various features, errors, and so on. This will help employers become interested and show them that you have a really great gaming experience.

The profession of a tester is becoming more and more relevant as more and more different programs are developed every year.