How to become a werewolf?

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How to become a werewolf?

Deep in each person sits the beast - it is uncontrolled by the mind, natural, primitive beginning. Often our consciousness edits our impulses, real desires, which seem unacceptable and immoral in modern society. And what if you do not suppress your animal nature, but give it will? Free her from the clutches of the mind? Then we will face a formidable and bloodthirsty werewolf with superhuman strength. How to become a werewolf in real life? For a start, let's see what kind of a creature.

Werewolf essence

A werewolf is a mythical creature, a person who is able to turn into an animal for some time, then take on human form again.

There are different types of werewolves, depending on the animals whose species they are taking. The most common type - lycanthrope. Lycanthropes turn into huge wolves. In different mythologies, lycanthropes are called differently: werewolves, volkolaks, viltakaks. Another found kitsune - werewolf-fox from Japanese mythology; anioto - leopard people; silk - werewolf seals, etc.

In many mythologies of the world is very common plot about the transformation of man into an animal and vice versa. Many Russian epic heroes are able to turn into a tour, an ermine, a bird. Snake Gorynych sometimes takes on the appearance of a handsome young man and visits the girls; Kashchei Immortal can also turn into different animals. In Scandinavian mythology, it is widely believed that fearless warriors berserkers, who during the battle turn into huge bears and easily win.

Werewolves can be of two types: patients with lykontopii or capable of turning into an animal of their own free will. The former take the form of an animal, regardless of their will, usually in the full moon. They completely lose control, the bestial beginning takes over. They can kill or eat someone. Having turned back into a person, the lycanthropes do not remember anything about what happened. The latter, with the help of magic, can turn into an animal whenever they want. They retain human thinking and full control over their actions. At will, werewolves usually become witches, sorcerers, and sorcerers.

Similarly werewolves are classified as congenital on reversible.The congenital had parents or one werewolf parent, either were born under a certain star or had a tribal curse; reversible lycanthrope became such in the process of life, for example, after the bite of a werewolf.

How to become a werewolf: legends and tales

In the legends and tales described some ways to appeal to the werewolf

  • let another werewolf bite you;
  • drink rainwater from wolf tracks;
  • kill the wolf and wear his skin for several days;
  • eat a wolf brain and / or wolf meat;
  • A sorcerer can turn a person into a werewolf with the help of special magic rituals;
  • if a person does something terrible and is cursed by another with all his heart, then he will become a werewolf (Lycaonius curse);
  • born from a werewolf.

There is another way, aesthetic-psychological, which is far from superstitions and fairy tales. It will help to open your secret, dark corners of the soul and awaken your inner beast to life. Are you ready for this? If you are not afraid to see your animal essence, then read about turning into a werewolf in real life.

How to become a werewolf in life

  • Psychological preparation: remember that our true nature is animal, animal, primitive.Society dictates its rules to us, alienating us from the roots, from nature. We hide from ourselves the true desires and motivations, fearing to be condemned by other people. Drop all superficial, do not oppose yourself to nature. You are part of nature. Do not put down the beast in yourself, let it go outside.
  • Do not think that a person who leads a half-animal existence can become a werewolf. On the contrary, only highly spiritual personalities that have reached the highest degree of development are capable of such a transformation. Therefore, develop and improve. Do yoga.
  • Find a place where a negative aura is strongly felt, and where you are really scared, and from where you want to quickly leave. These can be places where murders were committed, fights, in a word, connected with physical pain. At this point there was once a big surge of adrenaline, coming from both the hunter and the victim.
  • Let yourself get scared. Feel this place from the point of view of the victim there. Let fear and horror take you with full force. Returning home, you will soon find an unpleasant desire to return to a terrible place.When you can no longer resist this burden, visit the wrong place again and repeat the first experience as accurately as possible. Here the training will be over.
  • Come back to the original place. You can take the attributes of the desired animal - skin, wolf mask, wolf tail. These things will serve as a kind of catalyst for your merging with the image of the animal. Come to those places where you were especially scared. Now you inspire fear, you are the threat that lurks in this terrible place. Feel like a fearless, wild beast that everyone is afraid of. Get on all fours, you can make sounds like an animal roar, imitate the behavior of the animal in all possible ways. You can climb trees, dig the ground with your hands, howl, etc. Soon your final transformation into an animal must occur. After that, it is important to learn how to tie the transition to a specific trigger, that is, a conditional signal. Traditionally this is a full moon, but you can choose any other.