Today’s article, dear reader, will touch on the difficult topic of human relations in our developed and complexly structured society. Many people achieve high results in their lives, and these results allow you to call them cool. How to become a cool girl or young man, if you are no different from others? Let's think about it together. So:

How to become cool?

This article will focus mainly on young people, namely, adolescents. In this regard, we will try to maintain a clear lexical style without using the maxims of high complexity.

So teenager. This age is characterized by the orientation of a person towards his peers. That is why so often the question arises how to like this or that group of your friends. The question of coolness is a question about your skills and your value. Think about what you stand out from the gray mass of your peers. What can you do better than others? What are your hobbies and in what field can you proudly call yourself a real professional? Based on these answers, you can create a certain image of yourself that you would like to feel in real life.

There is no doubt that earning the so-called "points of popularity" is very difficult. It is very difficult to become cool in class. To prove yourself cool, you need to be courageous and be persistent. You will not be able to be cool right away, you will have to wait some time for your peers to appreciate your behavior.

It is no secret that aggressive behavior creates an image of a person who can influence the situation in a fundamental way and solve complex problems. However, the solutions to which such a person resorts are very inefficient. As you know, aggression returns to us in the form of negative phenomena. If you talk about aggressiveness in terms of "coolness", then the latter appears only at first. The fact is that an aggressive person has to maintain this style of behavior, which leads to the formation of bad relationships with all people around them. If you stand for some time, you will become a tyrant. Yes, you will be afraid. Yes, you will be respected. But do not forget that while they will not love you. And your coolness will evaporate as steam, after one of your competitors break your nose, God forbid, of course.

How to achieve to be cool without the use of force? How to become a cool girl or boyfriend? In this case, you will help the development of his personality. This is a complex business that requires a lot of time and patience, but it will bring you fruits that will remain with you forever. Unfortunately, the beginning of this paragraph will be incomprehensible to more than half of the audience that will be interested in our article. However, we hope that people with at least a small share of a bright mind will see between the lines that hidden meaning that leads to the formation of a strong and healthy personality. Develop yourself, think in a positive way, work on your mistakes, do not keep resentment and anger against people, try to help others, learn to listen to your inner voice. By following these recommendations, you will become independent and free from the framework of our society, a person. Namely, such people have real "coolness". Such people are loved, respected and not afraid. Having brought up such qualities as responsibility, love and sincerity, you will be able to achieve many things in our difficult life.

Well then. We now turn to the paragraph, which is designed for the main part of our audience.How to become cool in school? Let's talk about cheap and inefficient ways to gain popularity among teenagers. When applying the recommendations, be careful and do not allow the development of a deep depression after a sudden drop in your "coolness", which is sure to happen if you follow the following tips:

  • Buy people. What does it mean? Money, unfortunately, defines a person. Do not have your own money? Ask them from your parents. Buy expensive unnecessary things and be sure to show them to your peers and your surroundings. Keep a wild lifestyle in clubs and at parties. Spend money without calculation and crazy. Increase the "coolness" you are guaranteed. In the absence of money, you will be left out of the social boat.
  • Behave yourself rudely and defiantly. Nothing adds so "coolness" as thoughtless, stupid, and, most importantly, arrogant behavior. Come to the dining room? Go ahead for the bakery buns! Waiting for a jacket at the wardrobe? Stop waiting! Go and take it. Do not want to answer at the board? Send the teacher to further. All this will lower your status among peers, but they will consider you cool, glad that they themselves have not become so.