How to behave in a team?

Throughout life, each of us changes at least several teams. This is due to various reasons, ranging from promotion and ending to dismissal, and change of work. Therefore, it is very important to know the information about how to conduct yourself correctly in a new team in order to create a comfortable working environment. In this article we will talk about the norms and rules of behavior with new colleagues that will help you to gain their respect.

Basic rules of behavior in a team

So, suppose that you are in a new, unknown group. As a rule, the working atmosphere is far from friendly. The fact of the matter is that you are one of the potential competitors in this group, as it is natural that if someone is hired, there is a risk that someone will be fired. But this is not the worst, your appearance reduces the chances of any of the employees to increase. But even in such a team, you can best attract your employees. Consider the rules of how to behave in a team:

  • Feel confident.After all, indeed, they took you to this work, not for beautiful eyes, but for knowledge. In addition, this is your position will not allow colleagues to mock you.
  • Show respect to employees. It is worth accepting that you really do not know everything about the process of work at this enterprise and in this team. So do not hesitate to ask employees for details of the work. But here, too, do not completely trust everything that your colleagues are saying, since the intentions of many of them are not for your benefit. They can ask where the water is, how others spend their lunch break. As for your work, important papers, etc., it’s better to learn from the head of your group.
  • Do not discuss the authorities and other colleagues with anyone, otherwise it may later put you in a foolish position. In addition, you should understand for yourself that such an exercise is humiliating, but this is not worth talking to colleagues. Therefore, if someone starts a discussion, keep silent with a smile and say that you need to work, of course, with apologies.
  • Do not reveal to anyone about your personal life and details of work in other enterprises. This will alert your colleagues and thus will not allow them to spread gossip about you.
  • Clothing should be only in a business style, simple and as comfortable as possible.
  • Do not get romance at work and do not flirt, otherwise gossip can not be avoided, just like dismissal.
  • Do not throw jokes around, otherwise you risk becoming a clown.
  • Do not show that you are more knowledgeable than others in this or that sphere, otherwise you will not only be considered an upstart, but will also help you to make many mistakes.
  • Do not be late for work, be punctual, thus you will show not only the staff, but also the authorities that you really need this work and you are serious about a particular position.
  • Help employees only if you are asked for help, for example, someone had a misfortune and he wants to speak out, listen to him at lunchtime or after work, which will allow you to gain the confidence of an employee. But this rule does not apply to work assistance.

All the above rules of how to behave in a team are quite simple, they consist in the fact that everything should be in moderation. And remember that the most important thing is to recommend yourself to your superiors, namely, an excellent job done.

Major mistakes

  • Self-confidence. The manifestation of this quality is inappropriate with the new team, you will immediately become the object of ridicule.
  • Excessive modesty.In the eyes of others, you will appear as a gray mouse, and will never earn respect.
  • Help in the work of others. You must understand that everyone must do their work, and if you start helping others to do it, then be sure that all employees will soon have their tasks entrusted to you. As a result, the authorities will consider that you are not doing what you need and will dismiss you.
  • Defiantly dress and behave. Remember, by no means you are a star, even if you were in a previous job, here you are just one of many. Therefore, show your creativity in the work, and not in appearance, which, above all, should radiate health, and not the tone of makeup.

Now you know all about how to behave in a team in such a way as to fully show yourself as a formed personality and a worthy employee. Adhering to the rules presented by us, you will avoid many silly situations.