How to behave with the head?

Having spent in search of new work not one month, we finally find what we have been looking for so long ago: high salary, the prospect of career growth. It seems that here it is - the work of your dreams, but getting it is not so easy. In order to become your cherished position you need to go through the hardest stage - to like the employer.

How to impress the boss? Everyone asked this question more than once. After all, an employer is a person on whom our fate depends to some extent.

An employer is a person who will pay you a salary, so you need to understand that he will not do this for beautiful eyes. Moreover, no one has canceled the competition, it’s probably not only you who are applying for this position. So if you really want to get the desired job, pull yourself together and in no case retreat.

What to do?

1. Understand yourself. Think carefully Do you really want to get this post? It will be foolish to spend strength and nerves in getting a job, from which you will want to "climb on the wall." Weigh the pros and cons.

2. Collect information.If you are sure that you want to work in this enterprise, try to gather as much information about it as possible. First of all, you should know the full name of the employer, the main activity of the enterprise, and clearly understand what kind of work you are to do. The employer will be pleased to know that you do not just want to receive money, but are interested in the work of the enterprise. To find the necessary information, use the Internet, the media, you can go to the city archive.

3. A good summary. Even if you previously sent your resume to the employer, be prepared for the fact that he asks you to give him another copy. Your resume must meet all basic requirements. It would be nice if you indicate in it the qualities and skills that are needed to work in this enterprise.

4. Appearance. Psychologists say that in the first thirty seconds of communication, our interlocutor forms the main opinion about us, which is then very difficult to change. During this short time, you will most likely only have time to introduce yourself, so the opinion of you will be based on how you look. Your clothes should be, above all, neat and clean.No calling details of the wardrobe: mini-skirts, neckline, fishnet stockings, massive costume jewelry, bright things. The image should be strict but stylish. Pay attention to the fact that you should feel comfortable in these clothes, and not be constantly distracted by the skirt, which presses.

5. Prepare questions. The employer will ask you what questions are not clear. Answer: “Everything is clear to me” will not be correct. At home, think through a few questions and be sure to ask them. Just do not overdo it, do not need to overwhelm a person with dozens of questions, this can cause irritation.

6. Prepare the answers. Recruitment is a standard procedure, so there are a number of questions that you will be asked. They relate to your past workplace, wages, your views on their company. At home, prepare all the answers so that you do not get lost before the employer.

7. Speak correctly. Communicating with a potential employer, you talk primarily with a stranger. Your speech should be literate, follow the chain of command, do not switch to “you”, speak clearly, even if you are very worried.

8. Watch your posture.Your back should be straight, the fact that you are not hunching, will tell the employer that you are a strong and strong-willed person. Do not gesticulate, wave your leg, do not twist a pencil or other object in your hands. But, this does not mean that you have to sit like a robot. On the contrary, you should show with your view that you are absolutely calm, but not tense.

Even if very much depends on this work, try not to think about it. Do not worry and you will succeed!

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