How to deal with twins?

Among all the signs of the zodiac, Gemini stands out for its thin, versatile, flexible mind, which is why it is quite difficult to conquer them. But nevertheless it is real, you just need to know how to behave with Gemini and take into account the peculiarities of their character. You can interest the representatives of this zodiac sign, and then they will dream of your company.

Character traits of Gemini men

The Gemini men are very mysterious, they always have a lot of ideas in stock that they can teach in a favorable light. However, when dealing with them, it should be borne in mind that they are trying to find benefits from everything, and love is not an exception, and Gemini is convinced that they are doing everything exclusively for altruistic purposes.

However, friendship or cooperation with them contributes to spiritual growth and development, since only they will be able to contribute positively to routine work. In love, male twins are impermanent. Over time, their views and tastes change, and their attachments, houses, girls, things change with them.At the same time, they remain young until old age, until the supply of brilliant ideas and ideas is exhausted.

How can a woman behave with such a man in order to interest him? Twins love lively, intelligent and talkative women. A twin will never be interested in a timid and silent girl. In an interview, learn to conduct interesting discussions with such a man, it is also important to be a good interested listener. When communicating with Gemini, it is important to be able to clearly and accurately express your thoughts, and also to quickly understand what Gemini wants to say. Such men do not like women digging in details, devoting them a lot of time. More accuracy and wit in the words!

In bed with such a man you need to be inventive, avoiding the routine and monotony in every possible way. A woman should not restrict the freedom of a male Gemini, and also behave in such a way as to cause hostile feelings on his part. The twin does not accept lies and self-serving calculation in relations. If you started a relationship with him just because of this, then finding out the truth, Gemini will suffer a lot.

Features of the nature of female twins

Female Gemini are excellent companions, they are intelligent, bright, lively and witty, cheerful, easily and quickly converge with people.Many men claim that representatives of this sign give them a new impetus, a revitalizing, rejuvenating and refreshing effect, especially if you know how to behave with Gemini. Despite the fact that they love to collect fans and early begin love affairs, it is not easy to seduce them. This is possible if the desire comes from their side, otherwise they are completely inaccessible.

Representatives of this sign love to be conquered intelligently, gallantly. They are attracted by witty statements, thin, full of hints of conversation, which not every man is capable of. Therefore, they are very long looking for their betrothed, and sometimes this search is delayed for a lifetime. Women are windy natures, although at the beginning of their family life they are inspired, beautiful hostesses and mistresses. But when interest diminishes, lovers appear and countless trips, hobbies that end with a new search.

Now you know how to conquer Gemini, and you will constantly fuel their interest in your person.