How to break a wall?

Having lived many years in the same house, people at one point realize that the planning of their beloved home is no good. One option is to demolish the walls. But redevelopment can begin only with the permission of the appropriate authority. You also need to know that the demolition of the walls can affect the supporting structures of the entire house - it can simply skew. Therefore, we recommend to start by consulting with knowledgeable people about whether it is possible to demolish walls in your house, and if so, which ones.

Favorite place of demolition

Most often, homeowners rework the walls between the bathroom and toilet, as well as interior. Anyone can understand that you should not touch the bearing walls of the house. It is quite simple to distinguish them - they are thicker than ordinary walls.

So, how to break a wall when you already got permission to demolish it? Know that such a case may not require special qualified assistance, but it will take a lot of money.

If you need to tear down the wall between two rooms, remember that it can not be removed in one piece.It is necessary to demolish parts, even if it is made of drywall. The wall is cut off by arbitrary pieces.

What to demolish?

The grinder can, oddly enough, cut down even a concrete wall. It is necessary to put on a disk for concrete and start sawing off the pieces. You can draw lines on the wall in advance so that everything is clear and neat. The advantage of this method is that it does not bring a lot of noise, but at the same time it creates a lot of dust.


And you can use a jackhammer. This method is acceptable if you need to break the wall in the bathroom, but you still do not live in this apartment or house and do not store your things here. After such a repair, general cleaning of the whole house will be necessary, as dust penetrates into any gaps.

Chiselling punch

A high-power punch with a special chisel on the end will help you to demolish anything, not only your wall, but also something nearby. Therefore, be careful not to touch anything. This is the most noisy and sloppy way.

Cutting punch

Probably, this is the most suitable way to properly break a wall if you carry out repairs in a residential building.It is necessary to draw a wall along the lines, dividing it into supposed pieces. Using a high-power hammer drill or hammer drill, drill through holes that will fit tightly together. Drilled piece around the perimeter can only be broken with a hammer.


  • About the hidden wiring. It is advisable to work manually, since seeing the wires in the wall, you can bypass them neatly. It is impossible for a piece of a broken wall to hang on the wire.
  • About the hidden steel reinforcement. After all, usually panel houses are built of reinforced concrete blocks, inside the walls there is steel reinforcement. It can be cut with the help of a grinder, putting a special disk on it that cuts metal.
  • About hidden water pipes. They are usually hidden in a concrete wall under a tile, so be careful when demolishing it. If there are any in your walls, you will have to dismantle old water pipes.
  • Prepare in advance a sufficient number of construction bags in which it will be convenient to take out pieces of the wall, because there is a lot of rubbish after such work.