How to calculate the power supply?

December 19, 2014
How to calculate the power supply?

Many gamers collect a new computer every year or two to enjoy modern, powerful games. In order to assemble a new computer, it is necessary to understand its device, as well as to be able to calculate the power of the components. Thanks to this, it is always possible to independently calculate the power supply capacity for a computer that will power all these devices. But not everyone knows how to do it.

Let's take a closer look at how to calculate the power supply.

Independent calculation of power supply unit

Calculate the power of the power supply to configure your computer is not so difficult. For this you need to know:

  • Type of disk drives and their number;
  • Installed sound cards, TV tuners, wireless modules, keyboards, mice, and other devices that are powered by a computer;
  • Motherboard type and name;
  • Type and number of coolers in the computer;
  • Is there a backlight and its power consumption;
  • The number and type of hard drives;
  • The amount and type of RAM;
  • Model of the video card and processor, as well as their power consumption.

Knowing all this information about the future of the computer, as well as the power consumption of all components and devices, you can summarize the data and get a certain number of watts of power consumption. Based on this information, it is necessary to select the power supply. However, it is worth considering that the power consumption may be even higher, so you should add another 20-30% to the value, which will give an extra amount of power, for example, to overclock the processor and video card.

And you should always take into account the fact that different manufacturers of video cards, processor, RAM, hard disk and motherboard have different power consumption and are not accurate.

If you are too lazy to climb in the documentation and study each component for energy consumption, then you can go to the site and calculate the power supply unit power automatically. However, remember that this calculation will be approximate.