How to call a beauty salon?

Imagine how much strength, energy, talent a woman put into creating her own business in the beauty industry! In this case, you need to think very well how to call a beauty salon. There are several principles for finding titles. But first, you must clearly formulate for yourself how your salon will differ from others. These differences must necessarily be in order to differ from competitors.

Determine the differences

You, of course, know what is the difference between your salon and competitors salons. Do you have a style and color scheme of the interior of the cabin? Of course, there is, from him you can fantasize with the name. Next, are you going to use a certain type of cosmetics, hair dye, varnishes, body and hair care products? You can pick a name based on the name of your cosmetic series. Salons are also called by the name of a woman who really lives or is historically known. We will consider each of the options in more detail, so that you can more easily navigate the vast world of beautiful words.

We call in color and style

Write on a piece of paper, in what color and style your salon is decorated. And then write all the associations that you have at the moment when you pronounce the written words. For example, you wrote a design in white and pink colors, and a lace pattern was used in the interior. Consequently, it causes such associations - a blooming apple tree, sakura, Provencal lace, pink marshmallow, mallow, lilac, and much more. If the interior combines dark and light colors (black and white, for example), then you can draw an analogy with chess, film, negatives, sketches, sketches, engravings, etc. Now carefully read all your associations and "comb" them by making titles. Not a blooming apple tree, but a “delicate flower”, “apple blues”, “spring rhapsody”. Not olive lace, but “openwork”, “olive curl”, “elegant delight”. Thus, we get the finished names of beauty salons. Here the main thing to attract to help figurative thinking and fantasy.

Under the name of the cosmetic line

This method is the easiest. You just take the name of the leading cosmetic line and transform it into the Russian way with the goal of making it a beautiful name.For example, the line is called LondaColor. From this brand name you can make the name of the salon "Beautiful Londa", "Bel Londa", "Poly Color", "Gamma Color" and much more.

Female names

You can come up with beautiful names of beauty salons by the names of women. What could be more beautiful than the name of the salon "Tatiana", "Olga", "Maria", "Barbara", "Catherine". You can call your salon the name of its owner, that is, you. And you can make a pleasant one to your own dear woman in the world - mother, and call the salon after her name. Russian names are all beautiful, like many foreign ones: Margot, Eliza, Carolina, Mary, Zlata, Snezhanna, Viola, Natalie, etc. Cleo, Margot, Bridget, and many others.

Special names

Many owners of salons come up with names without tying a nickname to any fact or person. But these names are also worthy of attention. Here, for example, the name "Doneville". About anything, but it sounds beautiful, it has the right to exist. Or here are the names: Frumés, Gorsí, Chablis, Valencia, Fleren, Vancouver.You can use place names - Provence, Chalet, Europe, Muscovy, Onega, Senezh, Volga or Volzhanka, Yenisei, Niagara, Kiyanka and so on. Sudarushka, etc.

If you succeed, then try to come up with names based on the names of beautiful animals and birds - swallow, fallow deer, lioness, panther (the famous Bagheera will also be a good name). By the way, remember the Golden Antelope? This is a very beautiful name. And “Golden Fish” is both a beautiful name and a hint that any ladies' whim will be performed here.

Another series of names - the word "Madam" translated into various languages. Miss, Mrs, Frau, Madame, Donna, Mademoiselle, Signor, Signorita, Signorina.