How to calm down before the exam?

Final examinations, a session at the university, a final test for the appropriation of qualifications are often accompanied by anxiety and stress. How to cope with fear and not allow emotions to prevail over the mind? Let's try to figure out how to show ourselves from the best side and not let the excitement prevent you from passing the exam.

Why fear of an exam?

Despite excellent preparation, all students are stressed before the exam. Everyone worries - both those who are stocked with cribs, and those who rely only on their own knowledge.

2The excitement before the exam is normal, but this cannot be said about paralyzing fear. From a strong experience, many people forget everything they knew and feel a sense of confusion and helplessness. Stress interferes with concentration, and a person becomes unable to reproduce the necessary information. What is the cause of fear of the exam?

The main cause of stress is habitual negative thinking. We unknowingly taught our mind to think negatively.People imagine an undesirable outcome of events, drawing pictures in their heads and experiencing it as if the failure had already happened.

Paralyzing fear, anxiety before the exam, anxiety - these are emotions caused by our own thoughts.

Before the exam, the kaleidoscope of thoughts in many people has no bright hues. For example, fear arises from the thought that the exam expects a complete failure and this will be followed by expulsion or that the teacher is biased and, of course, will ask a lot of additional questions.

Uncertainty is the second scary factor. Uncertainty and unaccustomed situation provoke the appearance of fear and anxiety before the exam. The student does not know what questions he is expecting, what he will answer and how the examiner will take it. Proven methods can help reduce the effects of negative emotions before an exam.

Ways to calm down before the exam

3To cope with anxiety and fear of the exam is necessary that their own emotions are not summed up at the wrong time. Here are some effective tips to overcome the fear of such an important event:

  1. Stop yourself "cheat."Do not let the thought of a possible fiasco, as the end of the biography. Think about it and weigh what happens if you fail at the exam. It is likely that the consequences are not as fatal as it seems at first glance.

    Remember the popular saying "Whatever is done - everything is only for the better." The consequences of the fiasco are not at all such a catastrophe as the imagination draws.

  2. Before the exam, make a plan for studying the material and follow it strictly. So progress and problem areas will be visible. The feeling that the situation is under control is priceless. If, because of anxiety before the exam, there is a sleep disturbance and a constant feeling of anxiety, then it is recommended to take a light sedative. The main thing is not to overdo it. Prepare the cheat sheets. Do not hope to be able to write off. Count only on knowledge. Cribs give confidence. The knowledge that there is a plan "B" calms. In addition, when writing cheat sheets you will repeat the material already covered and refresh your knowledge.
  3. Take a break from exam preparation by exercise or a walk. The brain after rest, even short, works several times more productive.Rapid reduction of tension and elimination of excitement before the exam can be achieved breathing exercises. In stressful situations, learn to breathe slowly and deeply, straightening the chest. Saturation of the body with oxygen and the dimensionality of actions can cope even with panic fear before the exam.
  4. Do not forget that it is impossible to calm down before the exam, if you allow negative thoughts. A positive attitude is the basis of calm and self-reliance. It is important to learn how to manage emotions so that fear and anxiety will not take you by surprise at the most inopportune moment.

How to manage anxiety and anxiety?

In stressful situations, we all experience strong emotions. So that emotional upheavals do not get out of the rut and do not interfere at crucial moments of life, it is worth learning to control excitement and anxiety always, not just before the exam.4For this:

  • Load your brain with mental activity not only during the session and exams, but also daily.
  • Think positive and optimistic.
  • Engage in self-training.
    Convert the energy expended on anxiety into creativity.
  • Make sport your best friend.
  • Help others to feel needed.
  • Do not keep negative and negative emotions in yourself - speak out.

Relieve the stress of watching a good movie, reading books, walking in the fresh air. Visit museums and exhibitions more often. Travel. Visit places in your city that have not yet been. The perception of the beautiful and the new contributes to getting rid of stress. By applying these tips regularly, no exam will frighten you and cause panic. The main thing to remember - stress causes your own thoughts. Do not let the negative in your mind and everything will work out!