How to care and educate a Labrador?

Labrador is one of the most popular and beloved by many breed of dogs. This is a true, loyal and incredibly funny friend. But before you get such a pet, find out all the features of care and training.

What is this breed?

Labrador is a breed that was originally used as a working one. Dogs were lifeguards and guides. By the way, the name of the breed is translated from Portuguese as “worker”.

Handsome man

Description of the appearance: the physique of an adult dog is quite strong, the paws are of medium length, the head is wide, the nose is slightly elongated, the coat is dense, consists of an undercoat and an osteal framework. If you study the photo, you can understand that the color can vary from fawn to brown and even black.

In this case, a black or brown labrador may have a spot of small size on the chest. Usually males are larger than females. Their height is about 55-60 centimeters, and weight - about 30-35 kilograms. Growth bitch is about 52-57 centimeters, and weight - 25-30 kg.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

If you decide to buy a Labrador, then do not rush to study ads. Private breeders often deceive customers and offer not a purebred breed, but a mixture. And this, of course, will affect the behavior, character and abilities of the pet. It is best to go to a proven nursery with a good reputation and make a purchase there.

Smart looking eyes

The price of a puppy of this breed can vary from 10 to 30 thousand rubles and above. The cost of these dogs in kennels is often higher than that of private breeders, but then you immediately get all the documents in your hands.

Also in kennels often puppies immediately make all vaccinations. And remember that too low a price should be alarming. Before you buy, take the dog to the vet to make sure that it is really a Labrador retriever, and he is healthy and has no pathologies.

What labra do you choose?

Boy or girl Of course, there are certain differences. So, males are more powerful and have a brighter appearance, as well as hardy. In addition, males lack heat, which for many is quite important.

Here is a color

But there are males and disadvantages: they are less obedient, less attached to the owner, have a sharper smell and more pronounced salivation, are noisy, and also mark the territory.In addition, sexually mature males can exhibit sexual activity too violently and vividly, sometimes inappropriately, so it is better to think about castration in advance.

As for females, they are more appeasable and obedient, loyal and attached to the owner, better trained, clever, more calm. But once in six months or a year the females have estrus, which can lead to the appearance of stains on the sofas and carpets and to the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

In some cases, special diapers or dog pants are required. In addition, during heat, the bitch can become capricious and stop listening.


True friend

The main character traits of a Labrador:

  • Many believe that these pets are sometimes reckless and stupid, but in fact it is not. Labrador is a very smart and intelligent dog.
  • These dogs are incredibly sociable and quickly go on contact (and this in some cases may be a minus).
  • It is worth noting the absence of aggression, Labradors are simply not capable of its manifestations.
  • Such pets are very patient.
  • This is an ideal family dog, as it gets along well with children.
  • Labrador is very mobile and active, sometimes too.But if you take care of the pet correctly, then chaos in the house can be avoided.
  • This is a faithful and loyal friend.
  • Labradors are amenable to training.
  • This dog is a great hunter.
  • Labradors can not be left alone, they do not tolerate loneliness and greatly miss their masters.
  • Such pets are very spontaneous, which can not help but touch.
  • But the Labrador guard is unlikely to work out. Yes, these dogs bark, but sometimes not at all on the case.
  • Such pets are in dire need of the attention of the owners and in communicating with them, this should not be forgotten.


It is best to keep such a pet in a country house to provide him with space for outdoor games. But the apartment is fine. The dog must certainly have its own personal place, it will allow her to feel safe and understand that she is a family member. It is important to choose a place responsibly. So, noisy or purged space will not work. It is not necessary to make a pet in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Ideal - the corner of the living room.


Equip your pet's home. Lay a bed or put a soft box. You can also highlight the dog basket or box for toys.Daily clean up the pet's habitat, do not forget about wet cleaning (but do not use aggressive detergents with a strong odor).

Peculiarities of care

How to care for the breed of dogs Labrador? The main points are:

  • Bathing. In general, all Labradors are very fond of water and bathe with pleasure, and not only in the bathroom, but also in any water bodies, including puddles. But it is impossible to carry out such a procedure too often; detergents (even special ones) will wash the protective layer off the animal's skin, which can lead to some problems. Enough 1 bath in 2-3 months. Be sure to use a special shampoo for dogs, and it is for Labradors. First, water your pet with water, then lather it well, spreading the wool with your hands. Then wash the foam and allow the dog to properly shake off (this action will remove most of the water remaining on the coat), and then blot the Labrador with a towel or wrap the pet in it. In the summer, in the presence of a country house and a garden plot, you can water a pet with a hose, that is enough. After walking in case of dirt, wipe the hair with a damp cloth.
  • Combing.Such procedures should be regular and held once or twice a week. For convenience, purchase a special brush. Teach your dog to combing from a very young age.
  • Clean your pet's ears once every two weeks. Use a soft cloth moistened with sterile vaseline oil or in a special liquid to clean the ears. If there is a bad smelling plaque, take the pet to the vet.
  • Cut the claws should be as they grow. For the first time, consult a veterinarian and learn the procedure, since trimming can damage a blood vessel.
  • Teeth care is also needed. Purchase a special cleaning bone at the pet store.

How to feed?

Plays an important role. Up to three months a puppy will be eaten 6 times a day, from three months to five - 5 times, from 5 to 7 months - 4 times a day, after 10 months - 3 times, and after a year you should go on two meals.

Do not overfeed Labrador, this breed is prone to obesity!

The diet should include foods such as cereals (especially oatmeal and buckwheat), meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, vegetable oil, and fruits.Coarse vegetables and fish need to boil, the meat can be treated with boiling water. Do not give your pet fried, spicy, sweet, pickled, smoked, flour, as well as legumes and semi-finished products.

The walks


Walks should be regular and rather long so that the pet could throw out energy. Let your dog frolic and mingle with other dogs and people. In the cold season, wear a pet, it can catch a cold.


How to train a Labrador? Important points:

  • Start training from an early age, but do not force it, assess the mood of the pet.
  • Train your pet to the main teams.
  • Pay attention to socialization.
  • Train your dog to a leash. If she starts to tear somewhere, stop and say "Fu."
  • From an early age, accustom puppy to cleanliness.
  • Do not let the pet eat from the common table and “beg”.
  • All teams motivate.
  • Praise your pet for good behavior, encourage the execution of commands.
  • Look into the eyes of the dog.
  • Do not let the dog take food from strangers.
  • If the pet is guilty, punish him. You can take the dog by the scruff and raise the voice, pointing to the damaged object.If the pet snaps, try to slightly pinch it (not much!), So you show your superiority.
  • Be calm and do not raise your voice unnecessarily.

Let the Labrador puppy bring happiness to your home!

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