How to care for bed patients, change clothes, change of clothes

Kak-uhazhivat - za-lezhachim-bol-nym How to care for bed patients to change clothesHow to care for the sick

Learning to care for bed patients



Girls and women have always been in the history of medicine indispensable nurses at the bedside of the wounded and sick. Apparently, they, representatives of such a weak and at the same time surprisingly strong spirit of the sex, are given to patiently and tenderly care for the sick. The first thing you need to learn is -how to care for bed patients, change of bed linen, clothes. An interesting site of useful tips knows several ways:


1 Method of changing bed linen


Dirty sheet folded or rolled with a roller from the side of the head and legs and gently clean. Clean the sheet, rolled up like a bandage, on both sides with rollers, gently move the patient under the sacrum, and then straighten it in the direction of the head and legs. The sheet should not have scars, patches, folds.


2 Method of changing bed linen

Move the patient to the edge of the bed.Roll a dirty sheet along the length in the form of a bandage. In its place to spread a clean sheet, which shift the patient. On the other side remove the dirty sheet and spread out clean.


How to change clothes (change clothes) in a bed patient


UnderwearEasier to change together. Bed linen change is as follows:


  1. hands are brought under the rump of the patient;
  2. grab the edges of the shirt and gently push it to the head;
  3. they lift both hands of the patient and roll the rolled shirt at the neck over his head;
  4. release his hands.