How to carol for Christmas 2017 (from 6 to 7 January) and the Old New Year. How to carol correctly - words, poems, songs and costumes for children and adults

KR-001The tradition of how to carol for Christmas and to celebrate on Old New Year was born in the times of paganism, when our ancient ancestors celebrated the winter solstice and revered Kolyad, the goddess of fertility, who gave birth on 25 December of Bozhichi - the new sun that sanctifies and warms the earth. This significant event was praised in ritual poems and songs, which later became known as carols. According to the church calendar, Kolyada coincided with one of the most significant Christian events - Christmas, coming on the night of January 6-7.

Over time, the two holidays are closely intertwined and today are almost one.Adults and children on Christmas Eve dress up in traditional costumes of mummers, remember words to be spoken on this significant day, and go caroling and giving gifts to friends, relatives and acquaintances, praising the wonderful birth of Jesus in verses and songs and wishing everyone around the world, well-being , happiness and prosperity.

How to carol correctly on January 6 and 7 at Christmas 2017 and Old New Year - ancient traditions

In different regions there are specific ideas on how to properly caroling for Christmas on January 6 and 7 and to give gifts to the Old New Year, but there are some criteria that are universal for everyone. The most important thing is to get together in a group of at least three people and choose the main carol player. This character is called "star". He stands in front of everyone and carries a star, symbolizing the magical appearance of the baby Christ. You can make a proper ritual star with the obligatory eight rays with your own hands from yellow paper or cardboard, decorate it with sparkles or a crumb from broken Christmas tree toys, and at the edges it is beautiful to tie ribbons of different colors.


The second significant participant in Christmas caroling is the "bell ringer". He marches behind the star, rings the big bell, and thus notifies the owners that the carpenters are approaching their farmstead. Closes the procession "mehronosh" - a man with a big bag. He goes last and drags a bag in which candy, gingerbread, rolls and other treats are thrown, since, according to ancient tradition, it is strictly forbidden to take offerings directly from the hands of the masters for Christmas and Old New Year. The correct bag must be sewn in advance of a bright, durable fabric and decorated with stars, sun and month, cut out of shiny paper. These symbols personify the natural transition from deep night to a bright day and from a cold winter to a hot summer.

Before starting the performance, kolyadnik should be asked to ask the owners for permission to sing their ritual songs. Of course, no one ever refuses this request (this is considered a great sin), but the tradition to ask a question is always and by all respected. When the owners give “good”, kolyadnik can begin to read poems. In the process of caroling, you must certainly bow to the owners to the ground,to thank them for their hospitality, generosity, generosity, and very sincerely wish health, happiness, mutual understanding and every success in the coming year.


If there is a desire to go caroling from 6 to 7 January, then it is worth knowing that there is an ancient custom, according to which it is strictly forbidden to let a woman into a house before Christmas. Therefore, to go caroling in the morning, rely on guys or mature men. But on the eve of the Old New Year, it is the turn of young girls and women to sing shawls and carols, but in the morning, the “strong” generous harvest again falls on the strong half of humanity.

How to carol and what to say - the words for children at Christmas


Teaching children how to carol and what to say at this moment is not difficult. Traditional for Christmas poems and songs usually consist of 1-3 verses, very easily perceived by ear and quickly remembered even by kids. The fact that words, as they say, bounce off their teeth, requires only a few repetitions. Boys and girls of any age can easily memorize vigorous verses by heart, especially when they find out that a pleasant reward awaits them - sweets, presents, small money and fruits.In addition, the performance of folklore works helps the younger generation to join the ancient Slavic culture and promotes the popular traditions of caroling and generosity in society.


Ding-ding-ding, ringing bells,
Sons and daughters have come to you
You meet kolyadnikov,
We welcome a smile!


We knock on the door, we prank,
Open, the wind blows,
There in the street - winter,
And we wish you warmth!
Peace to the owner with the mistress,
Sing to you a song-bikes,
We will flood, rumble,
Let's play, let's laugh,
Carol fun
Wish we give.
To us - the benefit is simple:
Though a piece from the table!
Kolyada, kolyada, Merry Christmas to you, gentlemen!


Kalyada came
On the eve of Christmas.
Give a cow, butterhead,
And God forbid anyone in this house
He has rye thick, rye dinner rye:
To him from the head of the octane,
From the grain to him a carpet,
From semi-black - pie.
The Lord would give you
And live, and be, and wealth
And reward you, Lord,
Better yet!

How to carol for Christmas: folk poems and holiday songs

Christmas dolls singing carols

Before you go Christmas caroling, you must necessarily learn the correct old carols - beautiful, touching, good poetry and short songs that glorify the owners of the house.It is very important not to confuse them with the generosities that are performed on January 13 before the onset of the Old New Year.

Earlier, caroling started already after sunset, however, today it is perfectly acceptable to do it during the day. Moreover, many people simply do not risk opening doors to strangers at night, quite rightly fearing that under the guise of a mumbled carolers, intruders would rush into their house.

Traditionally, the owners of the home need to ask for permission to caroling and only after the agreement is received, to begin the speech. The right holiday carols should contain optimistic wishes of goodness, comfort, joy and prosperity to the owners of the house, and the songs should tell how the Christ child born into the world is generous and merciful to all people.


If the audience likes caroling, and the wishes evoke pleasant feelings, the speakers heartily thank and bestow money, gifts and all sorts of goodies. Most of the gifts, according to tradition, children receive. Kids who read folk verses correctly and sing sincere, simple-minded carols always touch adults and give them a strong desire to reward them very well for their performance.Yes, and ancient signs say that generosity to the carer is sure to be rewarded with family happiness, financial well-being and big profits in the coming year.


Carols come to us
On the eve of Christmas.
Requests, requests kolyada
Though a piece of cake.

Who will give a cake to the carol,
Will be the one in all much!
The beast will be well,
The barn will be full of cows

Who will clamp his piece,
It will be the whole year alone.
Will not find good luck, happiness,
A year is spent in bad weather.

Do not feel sorry for you pie
And not something you create a favor!


Kolyada, kolyada,
On the eve of Christmas!
Aunty dobrenka,
Pirozhka something sdobnenka
Do not cut, do not break,
Quickly give
Two, three
Stand for a long time
Do not stand up!
The stove is stoked,
You want a pie!


Good evening to kind people!
Let the holiday be fun.
Merry Christmas congratulations.
We wish you happiness and joy!
Generous evening, good evening!
Good people for health!

How to carol for Christmas 2017 - the right costumes for children and adults


Just knowing what to say and how to carol for Christmas and Old New Year is not enough. It is also necessary to prepare suitable suits,where you can go to your neighbors, friends and acquaintances on a wonderful festive evening from 6 to 7 January, to sing traditional carols and to have fun.

  • Mask- the easiest and most accessible accessory for caroling. They buy it in the store or do it by hand from scrap materials (cardboard, colored paper, cloth, etc.).
  • Goat- a very popular and sought-after character of a classic carol. To recreate the image requires a sheepskin or sheepskin coat, which must be turned inside out and put on. Complement the costume knitted or fur hat, decorated with small horns.
  • Bear- A full-fledged participant in the traditional Slavic caroling for Christmas and Old New Year. The costume can be rented from the agency for arranging holidays and parties or you can make your own from an old mother's fur coat and a battered hat with earflaps of dark brown color. A person can be made up or hidden under the appropriate mask.
  • Horse- To fulfill this role, you will need two people, a large cut of dark, dense fabric and a stick with a horse's head, made of cardboard and colored paper.
  • Folk costume- a good and not expensive option, because in all houses there will be old colorful skirts, colorful scarves, wide ribbons and other things typical of the Russian village. In such bright outfits you can dress a large company of children and send them for caroling in Christmas or Stary New Year. Adults simply will not be able to resist ryazhenaya toddlers, singing holiday poems and songs to various voices. The children will certainly thank for the kind words and fill the carol bag with small coins, fruits, gingerbread and sweets. And someone will surely remove the children's caroling on video, then to once again watch it and relive the most pleasant, sincere and warm Christmas emotions.