How to catch a beaver?

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How to catch a beaver?

As has long been known, the season of hunting for beavers lasts from the first of October to the twenty-eighth of February. Many avid hunters claim that beginners should not engage in beaver hunting, as for a favorable outcome of the case you need to know a whole lot of different nuances, to have an excellent reaction and a keen eye. Let's see in this article how to catch a beaver.

All the advice is quite reasonable, that's just how men want to experience the beauty of hunting and delight when you return home empty-handed. Only the fact that beavers are very sensitive and agile animals should be taken into account.

How to hunt beaver

  • First of all, you should be extremely careful, careful and attentive. Even if you managed to find a beaver's hole, this does not at all mean that you will certainly have prey. It is necessary to take into account: the depth of the dam near the coast, whether there are any water obstacles, what is the speed of the water flow in the river, what is the direction of the wind and much more.
  • Considering how to catch a beaver, you should definitely clarify that the methods of hunting for this animal exist completely different.Some hunters prefer the use of traps, others hunt with a gun.
  • Keep in mind that beavers have a well-developed hearing and sense of smell, so you should not come close to the animal, but they are extremely fearful. This is the main reason that you need to hunt the animal only with an ambush. Well, choosing such a place, be sure to consider all the factors described above.
  • If the ambush site is chosen correctly, then the beaver most likely will not feel your presence, and you will have a wonderful opportunity not only to look at the beavers, but also to choose large prey.
  • If you care about how to catch a beaver in the winter, then do not worry, nothing is impossible, much will depend on the behavior of the hunter himself. First of all, you need to go on exploration and find settlements of beavers, burrows, huts, sometimes, gnawed trees on the shore of the reservoir may indicate this. After you have found a beaver dwelling, you need to watch it for a while. Thus, you will know the approximate time when they appear, and choose a convenient place to hunt, or the way that you will hunt.It should also be noted that in the cold season beavers are not as active. And you can hunt them by laying out on the ice, traps. Let's look at hunting methods in more detail.

Trap Hunting

For hunting use frame traps. The length of the cable tied to the trap ring should be no more than 1.5 m. The trap must be installed in water and be weighed down with a load, this is necessary for mining to sink.

  • Installing more than two such traps in one direction beaver should not be. If the hunt was successful, then you can put a trap in the same place no sooner than two weeks later.
  • The trap installation methods should be guided not only by the skills of the hunter, but also by the weather conditions. If you went hunting in the fall, and there is no ice on the reservoirs, then set up traps in the obstructions of rivers, on shallows, on dams, huts, etc.
  • One of the most important moments of trapping is the correct position of these traps on the bottom. It should be noted that the bottom should be even and clean, with a tightly fitted and fixed trap. This is necessary so that the animal does not throw off the trap.
  • If the time of hunting has fallen in the winter, then you can focus on the odorous beaver tags that animals leave on tubercles or tufts of herbs.

Hunting with a gun

  • After finding a beaver settlement, the hunter is looking for an asshole. It is there that he will spend all the time before beavers appear. If the animal is in water, then only the head serves as a target, and if the hunter is not very accurate, then the chances of success are minimal.
  • It is important to take into account the fact that a dead animal, if it is young, remains on the surface and it is carried over, and if it is old, then it will surely drown. That is why you need to know the depth of the bottom near the coast, otherwise, you will not get your prey.
  • If we take into account the fact that in the autumn or winter season the water is very cold, then the hunter should consider options for how to get the trophy. You can, for example, arrange everything in such a way that the beaver, caught up by the current, clings to something.

But the most important thing when hunting for a beaver is the reaction and sharpness of the hunter. Now you know how to catch a beaver. A video on this topic will also be very, very helpful to avid hunters.