How to cause jealousy?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
March 30, 2015
How to cause jealousy?

Doubt the passion of feelings of a loved one and do not know how to check a man? Call him jealousy. After all, the famous proverb says: "Jealous means loving." Of course, if it is not about painful suspicion and constant scandals on the basis of jealousy. Before causing jealousy, it is worth considering whether such experiments will not harm the relationship.

How to cause jealousy in men

There are some simple ways to cause jealousy without negative consequences:

  • Drastically change your image and wardrobe, begin to regularly attend a fitness club, beauty salon or otherwise demonstrate enhanced care for your appearance.
  • From time to time do not answer his phone calls, referring then to his absent-mindedness or forgetfulness.
  • Bring home a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, allegedly from a stranger on the street, struck by your beauty.
  • Make up a story about a non-existent fan that you rejected, because you love only your man.

Feelings that have cooled down during the marriage can also be refreshed with jealousy.How to make a husband jealous? Other ways to cause jealousy:

  • try to spend more time in the company of girlfriends or alone, letting the husband know that you can enjoy life without him;
  • when visiting large companies, allow yourself to flirt easily with men, forcing them to show increased interest in them;
  • send mystery on yourself, without writing your day by the minute to talk with your husband, and casually quit: “The day was fine.”