How to change the oil in the automatic transmission?

The most common driver problem is to change the oil. Despite the fact that each car comes with a manual that allows you to do this, the majority still use expensive service stations. And indeed there are a number of difficulties in this process, which can lead to a dead end. So, in this article, we will describe in detail how to change the oil in the automatic transmission independently, avoiding various errors, and what are the disadvantages and advantages of this process.

It is important to know

Before answering the question of how to change the oil in the automatic transmission, it is worth considering a few points that will allow you to understand the process of contamination of the oil in the gearbox. Since, without this knowledge, you can miss a lot while replacing the fluid itself. So, we list them:

  • The oil in the gearbox is not affected by soot, fuel and condensate.
  • Particles formed in the process of friction mechanisms inside the car, pollute the oil.
  • Metal chips are held back by oil filters that are found in many car models.
  • 95 degrees - the standard temperature, which should be in the gearbox. Otherwise, the fluid will wear out. In addition, if the temperature is about 200 degrees, then there will be no oil at all.
  • Even if the oil contains special additives in order to prevent foaming and corrosion, over time, their properties are lost.
  • Ideally, the oil level in the gearbox does not change, but possible various failures at which its level decreases. Therefore, you should always check it.

All of the above points are almost inevitable, regardless of the mileage of the car. Therefore, they must be taken into account in order to avoid various damage, which in turn will lead to a malfunction of the transmission and other troubles.

Change of oil

Now we can go directly to the main question of how to change the oil in the automatic transmission itself, which is quite simple. Consider a detailed step-by-step instructions, thanks to which, any newcomer of this business will easily cope with this task.


  • Install the car on the overpass, as lying under it to do it is extremely inconvenient.
  • Remove the pan and drain the old, polluted oil.
  • We change the filter, if it has deformations, if not, then we wash it, dry it and put it back.
  • Now we put the pallet back.
  • Speaking about how to pour oil in the automatic transmission, it is worth noting that this is done through a special filler neck.
  • We start the engine by moving the RVD to each existing range, constantly stopping for a few seconds.
  • Check the oil level, and if necessary, add.

The most common mistakes

As you can see, the process itself is not only simple, but does not take much time. That's just worth remembering that when changing the oil yourself you can make a lot of mistakes, so it is made for a while. Subsequently, you still have to contact the service station. In more detail we list the shortcomings of self-replacement of oil in the gearbox:

  • The filter may have the smallest deformations that only a specialist will notice. In this case, having returned the old filter to its place, problems will arise in the future.
  • Usually, when changing the oil yourself, decontamination is not ideal, so a new oil will dilute with the old one and soon you will have to change it again.
  • It is rarely possible to identify the real cause, contamination of the oil and a decrease in its level. At home, this process is impossible. But at the service station using a special technique for the diagnosis of automatic transmission.
  • Different models of cars have their own characteristics, which can not be considered in the process of changing the oil, which will only worsen its condition.
  • Now let's talk about how to produce this process so that there is almost no chance of making the above listed errors:
  • It is worth noting that a similar process is produced. It is imperative to study the instructions for a particular car model, where it will be written about how to change the oil, and what mechanisms are inside. It is also worth reading how to tighten the bolts, as there are some peculiarities here.
  • When cleaning the filter and the internal mechanisms of the old oil, you need to use special additives in order to make it perfectly and subsequently, the new liquid did not mix with the contaminated oil.
  • Despite the fact that there is no deformation on the filter externally, it is still better to install a new filter, otherwise it can lead to serious damage to the entire vehicle.

Now you know the main features of changing the oil in the automatic transmission, and therefore can avoid the basic mistakes that can lead to very serious consequences. In addition, if the service station has a long queue, you can immediately change the oil yourself. Remember that in any case you need to find the cause of contamination of the oil or reduce its level, for this you need to contact as soon as possible, for the help of specialists.