How to check the memory card?

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How to check the memory card?

A memory card is required to store information. In order not to lose valuable files, you should buy memory cards only in verified places.

How to use a memory card

Memory card is easy to use. All modern devices have special inputs for such cards. As a rule, they are located on the side or bottom panels. Usually there is an image on the device itself, how exactly the memory card should be inserted (for example, with a beveled corner to the right). Insert it into the slot as needed, and start working with the equipment.

On some memory cards there is an additional button. Lowering it down to the inscription Lock, you block the card. Thus, it will be impossible neither to delete information from it, nor to record a new one.

How to check the memory card through a computer

The easiest option to check the memory card and its volume is to check through the computer. You need to insert a memory card into a special slot in a computer or laptop (or using a card reader). Next, select the memory card in the detected devices and go to its properties.There will be displayed all the necessary information.