How to choose a burner

If you plan to useburner�only in the warm season, then a gas burner or a stove is best for you. Such devices do not smoke dishes, quickly burned, they can be used to cook food even indoors. The only drawback is the cylinder with liquefied gas, which from time to time will have to be changed. For lovers of hiking with a minimum weight, fast cooking systems are suitable, they can cook food even on the go.
For winter holidays, liquid fuel burners are suitable. They are also called petrol, although there are not so many of them. These devices are more economical and can operate at any temperature, and the fuel for them is much cheaper. Today, in specialized stores you can find burners operating on several types of fuel.
Not everyone can afford to buy several burners for all occasions. Yes, and the fuel that runs a certain device is quite difficult to find. In this case, the best option would be to buy a multi-fuel burner.
When choosing the dimensions, weight and shape of the device, everyone should be guided only by their preferences. Remember that compact and light burners do not have high power, although sometimes there are exceptions.
Buyingburneryou should not forget about such important factors affecting the efficiency of the device as the wind (eliminated by an additional windscreen), the ambient temperature (at low temperature the gas evaporates much worse), air pressure (at high altitudes the gas will be consumed faster).
The price of the device depends not only on the type of fuel it uses, but also on the brand. Each quality manufacturer should offer several product lines from low-cost to premium.