How to choose a cardio for home?

If you want to improve your health and find harmony with the help of training at home, purchase a cardiovascular device. But there are several types, so it is important to consider everything and make the right decision.

What are cardiovascular machines, how are they useful?

Cardiovascular machines imitate natural movements for a person, such as walking, running, cycling, paddling while swimming, climbing stairs, and so on. If the power types are intended for the growth of muscle mass, then the main tasks of cardiovascular activity are improving the work of important body systems, increasing endurance, improving health and, of course, reducing body volumes.

Cardio training is beneficial and has effects in several ways:

  • Increased lung volume, normalization of the respiratory organs.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle, improving its contractile activity.
  • Normalization of blood circulation and blood supply to all human organs.
  • Increased stamina and general tone of the body.
  • Losing weight by actively burning calories and reducing body fat. On average, over half an hour of training burns about 250-300 kcal.
  • The main muscle groups are being worked out, which makes the body fit and more prominent.

Existing species

To understand which option to choose, it is worth considering all the popular cardio equipment for home. Each species has its features and advantages, so it’s worth understanding how it works.


The treadmill is designed to mimic walking or running and allows you to work your back, press, buttocks, thighs and calves. There are electrical and mechanical models. The first independently set the speed due to the movement of the canvas, so it is easier and more comfortable to train. The mechanical track is activated by the force of the feet, which increases the load that falls on them.


  • This is an effective way to reduce weight.
  • Elaboration of different muscle groups.
  • During training, you can watch TV, listen to music.
  • Training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


  • Impressive dimensions. But some models are folded and can be removed after training, without taking up much space.
  • There are contraindications, for example, diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, suffered injuries.
  • There is a risk of falling and getting injured.

Rowing machine

Rowing simulator - not the most common and very specific type, imitating work with oars.


  • Active development and increase in the size of the shoulder girdle, which can negatively affect the elegant female figure.
  • Classes are contraindicated in diseases of the spine and cardiovascular system.
  • Rowing simulator will take quite a lot of space.


The stepper received the name from the English word "step" and imitates the movements made when climbing stairs.

Pros of the species:

  • Compact size. Some models are so small that they can fit even in a small room.
  • Training does not take much effort and has an average intensity, so it is suitable even for lazy people and people with a minimum level of physical fitness.
  • Effective study of all the muscles of the legs, training the press.
  • This is a relatively inexpensive cardiovascular device, which has an affordable cost.
  • A few contraindications.Even people with cardiovascular diseases can do it by choosing a comfortable pace.


  • To achieve noticeable results, you need to set a fast rhythm, which is not easy for people with low levels of physical fitness.
  • Limited exposure. Only legs are fully worked out. The press is not fully activated, and other muscles are almost in a relaxed state.
  • Improper training techniques can cause stretching and damage to the knee joints.
  • Classes are contraindicated after injuries of the legs, with diseases of the joints.

Exercise bike

At occupations on the exercise bike cycling is reproduced.


  • Elaboration of buttocks, calves and thighs, training of abdominal muscles.
  • The ability to choose a comfortable rhythm of movements, which makes it possible to engage in other activities during training: talk, watch TV, listen to your favorite music.
  • Enhance tone and stamina.
  • The average size of the simulator.


  • Not all muscles are involved.
  • Slow weight loss.
  • The likelihood of a rapid increase in the muscle mass of the legs and, consequently, an increase in their volume.
  • There are quite a few contraindications: diseases of the joints (especially the knees), diseases of the cardiovascular system, significant excess weight or obesity, asthma, respiratory failure, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis.

Elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer or orbitrek is a new variety that actually combines the movements that are made while running, walking, and climbing stairs. And the moving arms additionally engage the hands.


  • Effective study of different muscle groups: legs, buttocks, back, arms and abs.
  • Relative safety training.
  • Ability to choose a comfortable suitable pace.
  • Even people who are overweight can do it.
  • Very effective weight loss, giving the body relief.
  • A few contraindications.


  • High price.
  • Significant dimensions.
  • There are contraindications: varicose veins, severe cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, diseases of the joints.
  • At first, classes may seem difficult, but by getting used to and adapting, you can achieve comfortable, simple and effective workouts.

How to make the right choice?

So how to choose the best and, most importantly, the right cardiovascular machine. When buying it is worth considering a few important points:

  1. What is the purpose of training on the simulator? One is important to improve health and improve health, and the main goal of others - weight loss.
  2. Who will be involved? If the cardiovascular equipment is purchased exclusively for you, then consider only your needs and preferences. But if you train other members of the family, it is important to choose an almost universal model that meets a variety of requirements.
  3. Health status. If there are any problems or illnesses, this may impose restrictions on training. Each simulator has contraindications, and they must be taken into account.
  4. How many places are you ready to allocate for accommodation. If the area of ​​the apartment is small, and the simulator will stand in the living room or bedroom, then you should choose a compact model so that it does not take up all the free space and does not interfere with other tenants. If the house has a separate room, allocated to the gym, then you can allow the overall simulator.
  5. The budget allocated for the purchase.Some simulators are much more expensive than others, and not everyone can afford such expenses. But there are quite budget options that will not hit hard on your wallet.

Evaluate all the features, choose the right cardiovascular machine and start useful and effective workouts!

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