How to choose a photographer?

With the approach of an important event in life, you always want your memories to remain in our hearts forever. Unfortunately, human memory tends to fade over the years, but today there is a solution - you can order an important event for a professional photographer, and then your memories will be immortalized. Choosing a photographer is not easy. Anyone who has come across this will agree. However, there are a number of tips that will help you figure out how to choose a photographer.

Photographer Search Tips

First you have to decide what you want: if unusual and creative photos, then the choice should be stopped by modern photographers who like to experiment, if classic photos (without cropped body parts and incomprehensible scenes), then the photographer should look for appropriate expectations.

Different photographers work in different styles. By the way, not always promoted and fashionable photographer is better than a beginner. The beginner will try to please you, not yourself. An already promoted professional can simply “use” you for a portfolio and take those photos that he lacks (for example, if you want to shoot in your favorite park,and this park has already filled him with teeth, he will incline you to his version: “But shall we take a seat at the cemetery? This is so fascinating!”). The same can be true of the plot (he has already a million embracing couples in his portfolio, but it would be great if you stood away from each other - something new! But will you like this picture later? Many photographers do too spectacular photos. If you want something more natural, the emphasis should be on your live emotions, and not on artificial effects, you should look to the supporters of just such a photograph.

In general, study the portfolio of photographers and select a professional, based on your expectations and requirements. Perhaps, all photographers have their own groups and official pages in social networks. So, open VKontakte, select "Communities", "drive" the word "photographer" into the request, not forgetting to specify your city on the right, and study the works. Then you need to ring the ones you like and clarify their conditions and rates.

On the Internet, especially in social networks, on the laid out photos it is often indicated who is the model. You can write to this person and ask if he was satisfied with the work of the photographer. You can also ask friends and acquaintances.Today, many arrange a photo session for themselves - you can be advised by a good professional.

If you need a wedding photographer, then before the wedding photo session it would be nice to do a trial (love story) - so you can look at the photographer and evaluate the result of his work. So you definitely will not lose!

Do not forget to arrange a meeting with the photographer to discuss the location of the filming and the various details (usually this applies only to wedding photo shoots).