How to choose a suitcase?

If you are going to go to the store, be sure to read the tips on how to choose the right suitcase. This will help you get a reliable and high-quality thing that will serve for a long time and ensures the safety of your luggage.

What determines the cost of a suitcase

The cost of a suitcase depends on many parameters: the volume, the material from which the model is made, the presence or absence of wheels, and, of course, the manufacturer. Brand suitcases are very reliable. If you purchase a product from a reputable manufacturer, then you no longer have to inspect it from the outside to feel inside. This will be a guaranteed quality model. But such spending can not afford all. Therefore, you have to carefully inspect the thing before buying.

How to choose a suitcase: material

  • The most inexpensive material is a special fabric made from nylon and polyester. She is not afraid of moisture and is hard to scratch.
  • In the second place is plastic with metal chips. This material is not characterized by increased impact resistance, it can be damaged or scratched during loading, but the frame of such cases is very durable, your things will be safe.
  • Plastic with titanium crumb has an equally strong frame, but also shock resistant. Because longer preserve the original appearance.
  • The most expensive and prestigious suitcases, of course, leather. But the leather material is very delicate, and such a suitcase is unlikely to look presentable longer than three seasons. In addition, it is the leather cases the most difficult.

How to choose a suitcase on wheels

You should not buy a model in which all the wheels are on the same axis. This mount is very fragile, and will certainly lead you at the most inopportune moment.

Check that each wheel is fixed and rotates independently of the others.

It is best to choose a four-wheel model: it is stable and reliable.

Well, if the model has a brake latch.

Bearings at the wheels should be only metal. Plastic will not be able to withstand a lot of weight and potholes.

Handle, zippers and locks

Cloth handles must be sewn very tightly. Inspect the seams, pull the handle. Be sure to try how comfortable the handle is in the hand. This is very important, if you feel discomfort, lifting an empty suitcase, then with a heavy one - it will be completely uncomfortable to handle.The retractable handle must be fully retracted into the case and have a lock button.

It is better to choose a lightning wide, with big teeths and from plastic. It breaks less often and is resistant to temperature extremes.

It is better to take the lock code, and quite well, if the product is equipped with several locks.

And, of course, in the question of how to choose a travel suitcase, the quality stuffing of the product is of great importance. The lining should fit snugly, not bubble and not puff up. It is better to choose a suitcase in which there are many compartments and pockets. This will help to more comfortably place your belongings, and if necessary, quickly find the desired item.