How to choose earrings?

Elegant and tastefully selected earrings can be a wonderful gift for your beloved woman, a decoration for the best festive moments in the future and simply as a way to please yourself. Regardless of whether you are looking for earrings for yourself or as a gift to a close woman, you need to know a few useful points about how to choose them correctly.

Earrings made of precious metals

The most popular are earrings made of silver and gold of various samples. These metals make beautiful decorations that do not cause allergies. Various forms, combinations with semi-precious and precious stones help to get different jewelry, among which everyone will find the right one. You can find “your” earrings not only in a regular store, but also on the Internet. In Moscow, you can buy good gold earrings at Tver Jeweler - take a look at the company's website and familiarize yourself with the products offered: you may like something especially and you want to buy it. Here you can buy elegant gold earrings of various shapes with precious, semi-precious and artificial stones.Lovers of minimalism may like graceful gold stud earrings - miniature carnations that will look elegant and at the same time perfectly stay in your ears.

In order not to lose expensive jewelry, you need to pay attention to the castle. Locks can be English, presented in the form of eyelets or pushes. English and studs are considered more robust and reliable.

The cost of jewelry depends on the quality of the metal, as well as on their decorative parts. Their cost will be influenced by the fact that the earrings are encrusted: precious stones are more expensive, their number and size also influence. The earrings offered by Tver Jeweler are decorated with the following stones: finiats, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, topazes, garnets, citrines, amethysts, chrysolites.

You can buy gold earrings in the company's online store, delivery is carried out throughout Russia, and you can see the jewelry in a jewelry store in Tver.

What to look for when choosing earrings: general tips


For what situation do you choose jewelry, and what will you wear it with? The relevance of the decoration, which will emphasize your taste and match the occasion, depends on it.The work involves discreet and neat jewelry to underline the business image. For a casual look, you can choose brighter with an individual style of earrings that match your look. For parties, you can allow the brightest options, earrings can be one of the key accents in your image. For ceremonial occasions, where the solemn situation is supposed, it is worth choosing an elegant jewelery made of precious metals with appropriate stones.

Face type

The wide and round face can be visually “pulled out” by choosing flat clips, elongated earrings. You can visually enlarge a small face with the help of convex and round earrings or clips. Round shaped earrings will suit girls with an elongated face shape. If you have a perfect oval shape, you can afford jewelry of any shape.

Material and decor

The expensive jewelry includes earrings made from precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and platinum group metals. When purchasing expensive earrings, pay attention to the sample, fastenings, accuracy of adhesions. You can also purchase more affordable jewelry made from alloys of durable metals.You can find jewelry, which in its beauty and quality of performance will not yield to expensive jewelry and at the same time be interesting. The decor depends on which stones or other elements are used. The most expensive stones are recognized as precious: diamond, sapphire, chrysolite, aquamarine, ruby, emerald, alexandrite, garnet. The remaining stones are semi-precious. If desired, you can buy hand-made earrings unique in design and design: they are made from metals, polymer clay, natural materials, felted wool, etc.

Whatever earrings you want, evaluate how they fit you personally and how they fit in with your personality.