How to choose shoes for a child?

Consider the existing issues that should be considered when choosing shoes for your baby.

1. Shoe sizes.

It is necessary to adhere to the “stock” of 1 cm. Shoes that fit tightly do not need to be acquired not for reasons of economy, but for other reasons: while walking and especially in the heat, the baby's foot swells slightly and also increases. In addition, little fingers need a little space for movement. Shoes should be worn “to the butt”, although it should not somehow be pressed, as well as put pressure on the fingers or the heel. At the same time, it is not necessary to pay attention to trends, convenience is important here. As soon as the child grows up, you can choose an exclusive item for him at

2. Model shape

Footwear for the baby must have a wide sock. The structure of the foot of the child differs from the adult. For example, children's fingers are extremely necessary space, and it can only provide a wide sock. In the event that the sock is narrow (which can often be seen in some models of fashionable children's shoes) there is a malfunction in the blood circulation and the load does not spread over the entire foot area. In well-chosen shoes, the thumb should be the most free.Together with new things for the child, be sure to choose something for yourself as well. You can find a lot of things at at attractive prices.

Many doubts in the parents in most cases cause a choice of form for sandals. Their diversity can easily pose a dead-end mom with a lot of experience. Consider the main criteria for such a difficult choice.

For a child starting to walk, most orthopedists highly recommend purchasing closed shoes. Most firms even put a mark on such shoes. This is just as important to know as to acquire quality items at, for example.

They are interesting in that closed socks will save unformed fingers from attack with other legs, and also if the baby accidentally stumbles. For example, in a sandbox in these boots, the kid will not heat sand, even if he excavates with a shoe-toe. In addition, such varieties of shoes can often be found on the laces, which produces the best fixation of the ankle, and without any problems are regulated by the foot. But you should take into account that in such shoes it will be quite hot in summer, so keep this moment in mind.