How to choose the neckline on clothes

High Collar Clothing
If you want to visually increase the size of the breast, then a turtleneck or “American” with a high collar will suit you. But it is important to remember that the high collar visually also rounds the face and shortens the neck.
Semicircular neckline
If you are the owner of a square-shaped face, or vice versa, a very thin face, then a semicircular neckline will be optimal for you, as it will soften the angularity of a face with a square face and will add volume with a thin face.
This cutout is perfect if you want to look slimmer. It visually lengthens the face and neck, and also reduces the bust. Deep triangular neckline gives the impression of a more slender figure. This effect can be achieved both by donning tops with a triangular neckline on a naked body, and with the help of cardigans and jackets with such a neckline, putting them on the top in a contrasting color.
Square neckline.
Square neckline is optimal for a round or oval face and is contraindicated if you have protruding cheekbones, as a square neckline will only emphasize the angularity of the face.
Horizontal cut
This cutout shape looks good on thin and tall women. If you are the owner of wide shoulders, a large bust and short stature, then the horizontal cut will not suit you.
Bare shoulders
This option is suitable for slim, thin and frail girls. In other cases, you need to use the straps to look slimmer.