How to do a face cleaning without leaving home?

Each woman in one way or another seeks, as long as possible, to prolong the youth of her appearance, protecting her skin from all sorts of seasonal and temporary phenomena that, if improperly taken care of, leave their marks: wrinkles, scars, blemishes, dark circles under the eyes.

Most mass advertising and information stubbornly tell from television screens that adequate nutrition and hydration will surely save from most of these problems.

Everybody dreams about clean skin

But, no matter how much you apply a nourishing cream, incomprehensible inflammations, small wrinkles or black dots appear on your face, which do not spoil the whole picture, but also lead to premature aging of the skin. It turns out that nutrition and hydration alone are completely insufficient to make the skin perfect, well-groomed and silky.

For some reason, many women are deeply convinced that the use of daily tonics for washing and cleansing the face is enough for the skin to get rid of dust, dirt and bacteria that constantly hover in the air.

Such purification affects only the superficial layers of the epithelium, completely without affecting its deep layers, which are more and more clogged with deposits of dust and dirt, gradually turning into serious foci of inflammation.

Such impenetrable layers of pollution simply do not miss all those useful and nutrients that we diligently apply in the form of a cream, while also forming acne, acne and black dots. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to carry out a "general cleaning" of the face, so that the skin can continue to work in full force for the benefit of your beauty and youth!

Modern beauty salons offer a wide selection of different facial cleansing that suit every taste and budget, whatever one may say, and cosmetology does not stand still. But, if for some reason there is no opportunity to visit a beauty salon, then you can periodically carry out home cleaning of the face.

It is important to know how to do it correctly, because with careless carrying out of the procedure there is a rather serious risk of irritation, infection, and as a result - the formation of pustules, microcracks and even premature wrinkles!

But it is not necessary to be very frightened either, if the home cleaning is carried out with observance of all recommendations and understanding of the matter, such "cleaning" will only benefit you, clearing the pores and allowing the skin to breathe and live freely.

What are facial cleansing?

Before catching up with the procedure, it is necessary, at least in general terms, to get acquainted with what kind of cleaning happens, how it is carried out, what is needed and what is best avoided. If at all to talk about cleaning the face as a whole, then there are a lot of different variations and methods of its implementation.

Wash properly

For example, in beauty salons, you may face face cleaning, which is performed manually or with the help of a special device, for example, mechanical or vacuum, laser or, for example, the procedure of disinfestation.

Such therapies, each with its own degree of effectiveness, affects the inner layers of the epithelium, eliminating the external levels from the formation of acne, black spots and other “troubles”.

At home, of course, only one method of cleaning is available, manual, but if it is carried out correctly, it can cope with many skin problems.In addition, when doing such procedures at home, you are always confident in the composition of improvised means, without poisoning your body with chemical or synthetic additives.

In addition, by cleaning yourself, you can always feel the most painful areas, stop in time, so as not to harm especially inflamed acne. But still, in the most neglected cases, it is better not to risk home procedures, but directly contact the experts who will advise the most favorable cleaning method in a particular situation.

How to clean the face at home?

The first thing to remember is that deep cleansing of the face at home is carried out in three main stages:

  • To make the skin easier and more painless to respond to the procedures, it must first be prepared - steamed and cleaned.
  • Directly carry out deep cleaning by a pre-selected method.
  • The final stage is processing and nutrition.

The sebaceous glands, dust particles and other trifles cork the mouths and ducts of the glands sufficiently tightly, the pores are clogged, and if not prepared in advance, the effect of the procedure will be zero.To do this, you must first disinfect the surface of the skin, clean it of make-up residues with the remedy that you usually use for this purpose.

Steam baths will open the pores

Then, before direct cleaning, it is necessary to steam the skin with hot baths or a paraffin-heated compress. To do this, you need to prepare a small bowl, in which hot herbal decoction is poured, if there is no medicinal herbs at home, you can use regular hot water.

It is necessary to bow your head over the prepared broth, cover yourself with a large towel so that the steam spreads evenly over the surface of the face, and does not evaporate past.

Be careful not to let your head down too low, so you run the risk of scalding.

As herbs, you can use rosemary or yarrow, if you are the owner of dry skin. For the fatty type, it is better to use calendula or chamomile. Under the influence of healing hot steam, the pores open, free from contamination.

At the end of the procedure, gently sweat the sweat on the face (do not rub the skin!), After which you can proceed to the cleaning step.Comedones and big eels are best removed with a special cosmetic spoon, smaller inflammations are squeezed out with your hands (most important, disinfect your fingers and wrap their tips with sterile wipes). Gently squeezing the walls of the sebaceous glands, you can get rid of deep traffic jams and pollution.

Cleanse the skin

If such a "power" method does not suit you, then you can use more gentle masks and facial scrubs. The simplest option is a mixture of a few tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of salt. This scrub is applied with massage movements to the entire face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Instead of salt, you can use the thick from brewed coffee, which is also mixed with a tablespoon of honey.

Such components are perfectly absorbed, get rid of dead particles and clean problem areas. After application, it is necessary to hold the mixture on the face for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The final stage remains - it is necessary to “close” the pores after all the procedures, for which the skin is treated with a special tonic or a solution of lemon juice and water (in a 1: 3 ratio, respectively).

Need to know,that there are certain contraindications to cleaning: it cannot be performed if the skin surface is affected by eczema or herpes, the procedure is also contraindicated during pregnancy, various allergies, asthma and epilepsy.

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