How to close 20 account?

Galina Devyatkina
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How to close 20 account?

Very often in the accounting report there are problems with the closure of the 20 accounts, which entails a large time and financial costs. In order to close a 20 account, you need to perform the following steps.

Account closure procedure

  1. At the very beginning we go into the settings of all accounts that were maintained by a company or firm and are available at the end of the month;
  2. In the main menu of the program there is a graph called "Organization", we find it. We hover the cursor on the desired section and click in the menu "Go", then we will be transferred to the list of all the main settings of the accounting policy;
  3. Now we open the column in which the entire period of the closed month falls, and double-click to open the desired form of setting;
  4. After that, in the �Production� tab of account twenty and twenty-three, we select the �By revenue� column;
  5. The next step is to check all the correspondences of the nomenclature groups that are on the account twenty and ninety;
  6. In order for the account of twenty to finally be closed, we must check that there is a sufficient amount for distribution on the ninety account.

Problems and Solutions

  1. At the very beginning, you need to check how exactly the distribution base of all direct expenses and accounting policies is set;
  2. If the direct calculation is carried out at the planned cost of the goods, it is desirable to make sure that it is not equal to zero;
  3. It often happens that the order of units was set incorrectly. To eliminate this problem, create a document with the exact date of the current period, if we talk about the table that is there, it is filled automatically;
  4. A blank cost analytics can also be a problem, to fix all costs in the right areas you need to fill;
  5. The account of the counter issue may still not be filled out; to fill it in, all the necessary data must be entered into the register.

When the closure of account 20 occurs, various problems arise. For example, despite the fact that the accounts have the same name, but different nomenclature, they can double. It even happens that the fields are simply empty. This is not your fault, but a failure in the program.

In order for the closing of the twentieth account to be successful, you need to carefully work out all the above instructions, only in this case, success is guaranteed to you and the closure of accounts 20 will happen correctly.