How to collect a flower?

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How to collect a flower?

If you enter the word "kanzashi" in the search engine, you will be amazed by the abundance of beauty. This is an old Japanese technique, which involves making flowers from satin ribbons. The process of assembling them is simple, but it requires mastering skills. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you on how to assemble a flower using the kanzashi technique.

Making flowers

For the manufacture of such flowers you can not do without the following materials and tools:

  • satin ribbons with a width of 2.5 to 5 cm;
  • rulers;
  • crayon for fabric;
  • sharp scissors;
  • candles;
  • glue gun or moment glue;
  • fine and long needles;
  • threads;
  • tweezers.

Types of petals

Most colors are made from just three types of petals:

  • acute;
  • round;
  • double sharp.

Let's first learn how to do them, and then move on to assembling a flower.

Sharp petal

  1. Cut your ribbons into squares. Make them a few at once to train your hand.Kanzashi
  2. Fold the square diagonally. Fix the opposite corner of the triangle with tweezers.
  3. Double-fold the triangle in half from the right corner to the left and again clamp the top opposite to the fold with tweezers, stepping back slightly from the edge.
  4. Cut off this little corner and use a candle flame to solder it. To do this, several times to spend the very edge of the cut through the flame of a candle.
  5. Straighten the triangle, giving it the appearance of a petal.

Round petal

  1. Also made from squares, cook them. The first manipulation is the same as when forming a sharp petal: you need to form a triangle and fix it with tweezers.
  2. Right and left corner of the triangle bend to the middle.
  3. Now push the side corners back and clamp the front edge of the workpiece with tweezers, stepping back a little from the edge.
  4. Cut off the extra little corner and solder all the cut lines above the candle.
  5. Straighten the workpiece, forming a petal.

Double sharp petal

This is the most beautiful type of blanks.

  1. Again, cut the squares of ribbons of two colors and fold them intoKanzashitriangles.
  2. Two triangles of different colors are folded together so that the fold lines are in the middle and their lower edges coincide. Fix them with tweezers.
  3. Now bend the upper right corner to the lower left, and the upper left - to the lower right.
  4. Fold the workpiece in half from left to right and slightly cut off a part of the bottom side and the right corner.
  5. Solder the cutting lines with a flame of a candle, and then straighten the workpiece, turning it into a petal.

We collect a flower

  1. Make 7 round petals of bright color (it will be a flower) and 5 sharp green petals.
  2. First you need to sew the flower petals. To do this, put all the petals on the single thread through the needle. To make the flower look beautiful and not bloom, try to retreat an equal distance from the edge.
  3. Now shape the flower by threading the needle through the first petal. Secure the thread and cut it.
  4. Cut out a cardboard circle that will not be visible if you glue it to the back of the flower. Put it on a piece of tape or cloth of a similar color and brush it with glue. Wrap it in a cloth and wait for the glue to dry. Then once again apply glue on the reverse side of the blank and glue it to the core of the flower on the reverse side.Kanzashi
  5. Glue the sharp edge of one of the green leaves and glue it to the second.Also make another pair of leaves.
  6. Wait until the glue dries, and then grease the remaining petal with glue and wedge it between the two. Wait for the glue to dry again. When this happens, glue the triple sheet into a double.
  7. You got a nice twig. Grease the edges of the last petals with glue and stick between any two petals.
  8. The flower is almost ready, it remains to make it a beautiful core. Here you can show imagination. For example, decorate it with rhinestones, connected with a line of beads or a bead. In the hardware stores you can pick up small metal "baskets" where the bead is inserted. So your flower will look particularly rich.

This is only one of the options for assembling a flower. But if you want to do something new, you can turn to your imagination or read a book on this topic. One of these benefits you can download here:.