How to congratulate my sister?

Many sometimes do not know how to congratulate the sister. Despite the fact that this is a very close and dear person, the task of choosing a gift is extremely urgent. In order to please with a gift, to present a sea of ​​positive emotions and impressions, you should apply a little logic, intuition and imagination.

How to congratulate your sister on the anniversary

If you want to congratulate your beloved sister with an unusual gift, then you can give her a portrait made in the ancient Egyptian style. Is your sister interested in growing indoor plants? Then you can present her with any unusual indoor flower in the original pot. A lover of decorating her interior with unusual and lovely figures or ornaments will definitely like the original candlestick with a set of aroma candles, decorative curtains or pendants, a stylish table lamp or a set of photo frames decorated with beads. Jewelry with a favorite stone will be a good gift. If your sister works a lot and gets very tired, you can pamper her visit to the spa, where she can relax, get a lot of positive emotions and energy.In the case when your financial situation allows you to make a more expensive gift, you can buy a ticket to the sunny coast for your sister. To do this, it is enough to buy a gift certificate at a travel agency. So your sister will be able to independently choose the date and place of her future trip. An excellent gift can serve as a gift wrapped set of underwear. If a brother congratulates her sister and finds it difficult to choose a gift, then you should give preference to such a win-win option as a certificate for visiting a beauty salon. Any woman will be delighted with such a useful gift. If your little sister is very small, then you can buy her a dress, doll or CD with your favorite cartoon characters.

Surely your sister has a favorite writer or director. Then it is worth buying as a gift a collection of his books or films. She will be glad to such a gift.

A little sister who loves to knit or embroider will like a knitting kit. And if your sister loves outdoor activities, you can give her a subscription to the pool or tickets to the rink.Also in this case, you can give her a bicycle or roller skates.

How cool to congratulate my sister on March 8

If you are a lover of original and creative gifts, you can, for example, order a song on the radio, as well as bring home dancers dressed as plumbers who will arrange an entertainment program for your sister. If you want to be original, order a T-shirt with a unique lettering or make it yourself. You can also buy a huge balloon and paint it with felt-tip pens. Whatever gift you choose, the main thing is that it be made with the soul. It is very important not to overdo it with originality, everything should be in moderation, remember this.

Gift options

On March 8, a sister can be presented with a purely symbolic gift. If the sister is small, it can be a big soft toy or even a pet. Surely your sister told you that she wants to have a dog or a cat. The main thing before making such a gift is to discuss whether all members of the household are not against such a replenishment in the family. Older sister can give a set of perfumes or cosmetics.And if your sister lives separately, then a good gift would be a tea set, a set of dishes or even a good set of pots. Sometimes it is quite difficult to congratulate a cousin, because guessing her taste and preferences is not easy. In this case, an excellent solution to this problem will be gift certificates for the purchase of clothes or perfumes in the company store.

How to congratulate my sister on her wedding day

A wedding is always a solemn and exciting event. At such an important moment, the task of choosing a gift for her sister comes first. In order to make it easier to decide on the thing you want to present as a wedding gift, you should decide for whom it will be intended: only for your sister or for both newlyweds. If you decide to make a useful gift for a new home, then it is worthwhile to discuss this issue with the guests in advance so that several identical presents do not work out. As such a gift you can present a TV, a washing machine, a food processor, a steam boiler, a vacuum cleaner. There are many options. You can congratulate your older sister on your wedding day by giving a custom-made jewelry.Such a decoration can contain your initials with your sister. As a rule, relations with an older sister are always very close and, of course, a little sad on such a festive day due to the fact that a loved one leaves the walls of his or her home. And such a gift will be able to always remind your sister about you. An excellent gift can serve as a beautifully designed wedding photo album. Such a gift will definitely remain for a lifetime and will warm the soul with warm memories of the triumph. Even if you decide to give a gift that does not differ in special originality, then it is worth adding it with an original flower arrangement. In the flower shop you can order an unusual bouquet having a heart shape. True luck will be if you can find a florist who knows how to make all kinds of flowers from flowers. So, it will be possible to order a flower sculpture of the newlyweds. Such a gift will surprise not only the heroes of the occasion, but all the guests.