How to congratulate the best friend on her birthday

How to congratulate your best friend on your birthday

How to congratulate your best friend on your birthday

Few people, except for the family, are of such importance for a woman as her best friend. There is no more reliable support, except for the only one that is always happy to listen, understand and give advice. Whatever crazy ideas the female head generated, a friend would never condemn them and even support them. This is what makes women always take responsibility for the congratulations of their friends. Here you can see beautiful and funny congratulations on your birthday to your friend from a friend and friend, in verses and prose, as well as unusual audio greetings and pranks on your mobile phone.


It's no secret how much women love communication. Your girlfriend is not an exception - spend as much time with her as possible on the holiday, show that she is not indifferent to you. Spend some money and go with her to the spa at your own expense: pleasant procedures in pleasant company and on a wonderful day, what could be better?


If your soul mate is not married, do not in any way leave her alone with herself.Arrange a little shopping together, go to a nightclub or visit. If a friend has a family, enter into an agreement with her husband and other relatives to come up with something amazing. Let's say, organize a firework in her honor or a Hawaiian-style party with wreaths of flowers. In addition, you can make a funny video message in which you congratulate the birthday girl with jokes and music. Also there you can include funny commented photos of your girlfriend. Undoubtedly, such a greeting will long remain in her memory.


DIY handicrafts can also be very original. For example, you can make a giant-sized card, inside which you can put a collage of photos, individual written congratulations and poems. You can also cook a favorite dish of the hero of the occasion, because once a year you can forget about diets and not deny yourself anything.