How to connect smart TV?

We were lucky to live in the age of information technology. Today, it is possible to create a multimedia home network, the TV has access to other devices (computer, tablet, phone) and the photos, movies and music records stored on them. Having a home network is very convenient. You will no longer need to dump a video file from a device from a device to watch it on TV. But let's see how to create a home network, how to connect a Smart TV to a computer. We will do this on the example of Samsung Smart TV.

Connection methods

There are several ways to connect a TV and computer:

  • Computer - TV. To connect these devices to each other, a crossover network cable is required.
  • Computer - Switch - TV. To connect the devices to the network, you need a network cable that is directly pressed.
  • Computer-Router - TV. To connect devices to the network, a network cable is required that is directly pressed.

To create a home network requires special programs.This can be done, for example, with programs such as Samsung PC Share Mahager or Samsung AllShare. We will look at how to connect a Smart TV using the Samsung AllShare program.

Setup with Samsung AllShare

This program is designed to exchange multimedia content and play it on devices (digital cameras, mobile phones, TVs, camcorders, computers) that support DLNA technology. This program provides the ability to view photos, videos and listen to music from the device on the TV via a network connection.

For communication, you need a network cable that is directly pressed and a router, or you can use a wireless connection if Wi-Fi adapters (modules) are built into the devices to be connected. You also need a program that you need to download from the official site and install it on your computer.

After the application is installed and launched, the program will step by step suggest setting up the connection with other devices.

  • First of all, a check will be made for the My computer folder of the state of the shared server.
  • To connect to the My Computer folder, you need to turn on the device.
  • To connect the device, the network is configured.To create this connection, devices (TV, computer, mobile phone) must use a shared network.
  • Select the device you want to connect to. If the device is not detected, first of all it is necessary to check whether the program is blocked by the firewall. To check this, the application should be completely disabled for a while. If the firewall blocked the application, then in the settings you need to create rules that determine the operation of the Firewall with network connections. If everything is done correctly, then you will be able to see the devices that the program has found that are in the common network. Click the connect button.
  • Connection setup is complete. It remains only to check and make the settings for themselves. You should create and specify a shared folder in which the necessary content will be stored and specify a folder in which files are automatically saved during copying.
  • You should check the setting of access rights to the folder and set its use rights for each device connected to the network. Place the file in the specified folder.

Now you know how to connect a Smart TV to a computer.It is not difficult and not even experienced users. By analogy with this instruction, other devices can be combined into a network. And to fully enjoy all the possibilities of the modern World.