How to connect MTS modem?

The Internet covers an increasingly large part of every person’s life. In this regard, the question arises about how to connect the Internet - the MTS modem solves this problem. It is convenient to use, has no wires, is perfect for laptops and tablets. But many users are new to computer technology and do not know how to connect an MTS modem, although there is nothing complicated about it. It is these users who will come to the rescue of this article.

Buying a modem

So, if the modem has not been purchased yet, then go to the cellular salon and get the modem that best suits you in terms of technical characteristics and price category (MTS modems are of different types and, depending on the set of functions, differ in price). You get to the modem, of course, a SIM card, on which you have already established a tariff that is favorable to you, or you install it later, after consulting with the seller-consultant.

MTS offers for users of their Internet services tariffs that are suitable for user interests, differing in speed and, accordingly, the size of the subscription fee.The most popular unlimited Maxi fares.

Modem connection

If the modem is purchased, the tariff is set, and the SIM card is inserted into its slot inside the modem (under the cover), then the main half of the deal has already been completed. The next step is to take your modem and plug it into the USB connector.


  1. for convenience, you can purchase a USB extension cable so that you can shift the modem to a place with the best network coverage and connection quality;
  2. when you insert the modem into the slot, after installing the drivers, the computer may display a message stating that if you insert the modem into another USB connector, the speed will increase. Listen to your computer, he knows what he is talking about.

After installing the modem into the slot, the computer detects it and proceeds to automatically install the software, drivers, and displays messages about the installation process on the screen. At this time, do not interfere in his "conversation." After the installation is complete, a window will pop up informing you of this.

If the automatic launch did not occur, install manually:

  1. modem in jack
  2. enter “My Computer” - “MTS Connect” - “AutoRun.exe” or “setup.exe” or something similar,
  3. the installation has begun.

Note: during installation and connection, do not pull the modem, do not pull it out; The installation process is completed within a few minutes.

Appeal to the great Internet

Now you can try to connect to the Internet. For this:

  • we find on the desktop a shortcut to the MTS Connect modem and double-click with the left mouse button;
  • a window opens, where the antenna is visible, showing a network signal and several buttons, among which there is a “Connection” button, click on it again twice left;
  • The network is connected and displayed in the program window.

In the settings, you can change the quality of the network to your convenience and suitable for the existing coverage (from 3G to GPRS - EDGE, etc.).

You now know how to connect a 3G MTS modem to a computer.

Let's get married modem with tablet

Now let's look at the question of how to connect the MTS modem to the tablet. We also decide this question, we need to tinker a bit, but quite a bit. To work, except for the tablet itself, we may need a computer to change some of the settings in the modem.

Not all tablets support 3G modems due to the lack of some drivers. These tablets most often include Chinese tablets with Android OS. And if your tablet is of this type:

  1. connect a modem to a computer running Windows and make sure that the modem is working;
  2. save all files on a virtual CD modem;
  3. disconnect a computer from the Internet and start the program in the following way: Start - Programs - Standard - Communication - Hyper Terminal.

Note: this program already exists in the Windows XP operating system, but for the Windows7 OS you will have to download it.

The following steps are aimed at changing the modem settings:

  1. When you start the Hyper Terminal program, you should see the "Connection Description" window and enter Huawei there;
  2. press Enter;
  3. after a few seconds, the “Connection” window will appear and in the “Connect via” column set the choice to “HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem”, click “OK”.
  4. The following pop-up windows are ignored and closed with the “Cancel” button;
  5. the “Properties” tab is displayed at the very end of the program panel and follows the following order: Properties: modem - Parameters - ASCII parameters;
  6. put a tick on “Display input characters on the screen” - “OK”, after which the top window closes, then “OK” again - the middle window will close again, and in the bottom window the most important one will notice the cursor;
  7. Now we come to the immediate change of the modem settings and, to finish, switch the keyboard to English and upper case by pressing the CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard.Enter the AT command, press ENTER, “OK” is displayed in response - the connection with the modem is established;
  8. enter the command AT ^ U2DIAG = 0 - press Enter, in response - “OK”, which means that the modem is now in mode only modem.

Note: all settings can be returned or changed to others, there are the following commands for this:

AT ^ U2DIAG = 0 (modem only mode)

AT ^ U2DIAG = 1 (modem + CD-ROM mode)

AT ^ U2DIAG = 255 (modem + CD-ROM + Card Reader mode)

AT ^ U2DIAG = 256 (modem + Card Reader mode).

Now connect the modem to the tablet:

  1. Perform the following steps: Settings - Wireless Networks - Access Points (APN)
  2. Enter the parameters of the mobile operator, in this case, the parameters of the MTS:


dial number: * 99 #

Username / Password: mts / mts

Click: use default value

After changing the settings, the android needs to be restarted - restart. If after the restart, the inscription 3G appeared on the panel next to the battery level icon, then you did everything correctly.