How to connect video surveillance to a computer?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
November 26, 2014
How to connect video surveillance to a computer?

Recently, owners of private homes are increasingly equipping their possession of video surveillance systems. The pleasure is expensive, but safety is worth it. However, no one bothers you save. This article will tell you how to connect a surveillance camera to a computer.

What to collect?

For the simplest surveillance system, you will need a simple webcam, its attachment elements to the desired surface and a USB cable to connect the camera and computer. If from the camera to the computer is less than 5 meters, the usual USB will do; if the distance is longer, you need to purchase a cable with an amplifier.

Connect and configure

Connecting video surveillance to a computer in this case is an elementary process: just insert the USB, stretched from the camera, into any free PC socket, but you will have to tinker a bit with the settings.

Initial setup

  1. Install the webcam drivers (go in the box with the camera).
  2. We go to the site that allows you to organize video surveillance via the Internet.
  3. Set up an account on
  4. On the main page of the site we look for the "Downloads" button, click on it, download the Ivideon Server program and install it on the PC.
  5. In the "Register with Ivideon system" window, select the option "I already have an Ivideon account and I want to attach this server to it", click "Next" and enter the mailing address specified during registration in a new window. Important! If at this step you receive an error message, disable all antiviruses, firewalls and firewalls for the time being.
  6. Now in the "Configure CCTV Cameras" window, select your webcam, click "Next" and specify the folder in which we want to save the recorded video. We note the “Archive” option with a check mark.
  7. Click "Finish".

Setting recording options

  1. Go to the "Settings" of the program Ivideon Server, specify the desired recording quality.
  2. Go to the settings of the webcam - "General" / "Webcams", specify the sound source, if you need not only a picture, but also a voice.
  3. Click the "Run" button.

Operation check

To check the quality of the record, you can log into your account on Immediately after entering the login and password, you will see the image from the camera. It is very convenient that you can view the image from any computer with access to the network.