How to copy protected text?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 25, 2015
How to copy protected text?

On some sites, texts and other content are copy protected. Therefore, to save the desired text in the usual way "copy - paste" will not work. However, nothing is impossible!

We will tell you how to copy protected text in several ways.

Using HTML source code

  1. Open the desired site.
  2. We set the cursor on the page and right-click to open the source code of the page.
  3. We find the necessary pieces of text, copy them and paste them into any text editor.
  4. Next, we work with the text, removing all unnecessary tags and leaving only the necessary information.

If you open the HTML code with the right mouse button does not work, try other ways. Internet Explorer - top menu: "View - View HTML code." For other browsers, the Ctrl and U keys combination: the page in the form of HTML source code will open in a new tab.

Save the text picture

This option will suit you if you have a good text recognition program.It is also convenient to use if you need to save a picture of a part of the screen image. You can make a regular screenshot.

So, save the desired page or its fragment as a picture:

  • Screenshot: open the web page and press the PrtSc key. Then open any picture on your computer using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Select in the main menu "edit - paste." We find the saved picture under the name "New Drawing". Next, we recognize the text available on it using a special program.
  • If you use the program to capture the image, then save the image in accordance with the manual of this particular program. Next, recognize the text picture.

Through Word

Save the entire web page in Word. To do this, open the desired site and copy its address from the browser. Further:

  1. Open the program Word.
  2. In the main menu, select the "file - open" command.
  3. In the new window, paste the copied address into the field for the file name.
  4. Specify the file type "all web pages."
  5. Press the "open" button.

If Word starts issuing warnings, select “ok” for each of them. All! We delete everything superfluous from the Word file and work with the text.