How to cover roses for the winter in Moscow region

You will need
  • - pine spruce branches;
  • - covering material;
  • - scissors;
  • - stones or bricks.
First of all, prepare your own roses for wintering. If it is possible (the stalks of the bushes are thin and bend well), then bend them to the ground and fix them with wire. If the bushes have hard and thick stems, then in this case, cut the branches with garden scissors so that there is a pair of buds on each branch. Cover the cuts with garden pitch.
Well inspect the bushes and if you notice the sick or damaged branches, remove them.
Clean around the roses wet leaves, debris. Spray the soil around the bushes with spruce needles, wood shavings, sawdust or dry peat. It is important that these components are necessarily dry, you need to take care of this in advance, that is, should be a couple of weeks before the work, collect these materials and dry.
Lightly bend the branches of roses to the ground and cover them with spruce branches. If there is a need, next to the roses, stick a few very thick spruce branches into the ground so that they take over some of the weight during the shelter.Later, when the snow falls, these branches will protect the roses from the severity of snowdrifts.
Take a covering material (for example, spandex), fold it in half and cover the previously created structure. Using stones or bricks, press the covering material to the ground.
Many gardeners use plain film instead of covering material. So it is worth noting that it is really possible to use it, but only if the plant shelter occurs during a period when there is no thaw (the temperature is below zero during the day and night), otherwise you will have to constantly air the shelter so that it does not excessive moisture accumulated.