How to create a Garry's mod server?

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How to create a Garry's mod server?

Garry's Mod is formally another modification of the well-known shooter Half-Life2. The purpose of this modification was the demonstration of the Source engine, in which the player is given the opportunity to experiment with physics and interact with objects.

Server creation

The server can be of two types - listening and dedicated, which have both advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

Getting started is the preparation of the "workplace". Connecting to your server is only possible if there is a permanent IP address on the external network. Otherwise, if a dynamically updated IP address, use the NO-IP service, which allows you to bind IP to the domain name. Install the program from this service. Its task is to automatically update the IP address to the associated name, the address is updated every 5 minutes. The disadvantage of dynamically updated IP is that in case of Internet disconnection, you need to update it in the assigned name.

The second step is to open the port to which the server will be configured (UDP for clients and TCP for remote administration)

Setting up a listening server

The setup does not require special programs, this method is also suitable for pirated versions of the Garry's Mod client.

  1. Start the client, click "start a new game."
  2. Click the icon in the form of a wrench and make the setting as you wish. The string "Local game" should not be marked.
  3. Select a card and click "start a network game"
  4. If a static address, we give to our friends in the form of ip: PORT, if dynamic is the name configured for NO-IP: PORT (Example finkoms.loc: 1973).

Do not turn off the game, otherwise you will not be able to connect.

Setting up a server dedicated to Garry's Mod

  1. From the official website we download SteamCMD and unpack it into the default folder.
  2. Create a folder (the path should not have Russian letters and contain spaces) to install the server with sufficient free space, since the Garry's Mod server with the installed set of plug-ins requires at least 6 GB of free space.
  3. In this folder, create an update file with the extension .bat and enter the following text:
    • @echo off
    • drive: \ root-server_utilization_folder + login <username> + force_install_dir drive: \ server_ root_folder + app_update APPENDIX_ID validate + quit
    • pause
  4. <username> —an anonymous user can be used as a name, if supported.
  5. Save the file and run, waiting for the download.
  6. Go to the directory "drive: \ server_ root_folder \ orangebox". In the folder create a startup file with the extension .bat with the text:
    • @echo off
    • cls
    • : server
    • echo (% time%) server zapushen.
    • start / wait srcds.exe -console -game GAME_NAME -port PORT_UDP / TCP -maxplayers PLAYER_NUMBER + map NAME_CARD
    • echo (% time%) server viklyuchen.
    • goto server
  7. Edit the server.cfg settings file (drive: \ server_root_folder \ orangebox \ garrysmod \ cfg) and set our own parameters.

The final stage of server configuration is to install plugins and add administrators.

We launch the startup file in the client by executing the connect IP command (or the name configured in the NO-IP service): Port, connect to the server.

In the game you can recreate a variety of unusual objects.