How to create a menu in Contact?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 25, 2015
How to create a menu in Contact?

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How to create a menu in Contact?

Today, the social network "VKontakte" has acquired a lot of new features: for example, the option to create a beautiful menu for groups has appeared. Let's see how to create such a menu in Contact.

Wiki markup

Wiki markup is a special language that is used to design the social network VKontakte. Wiki markup is a kind of simplified version of HTML, so it’s not very difficult to learn.

Where to enter the code?

Any program code is written in a text editor, and many have a question about where to find this very text editor in a social network. It is necessary to say that they didn’t place it very well, you can say they р hid it ’, but on the other hand, ordinary users don’t see it at all.


  1. Go to the group.
  2. If you have anchored news, unpin it.
  3. Hover over the inscription "Latest News", the word "Edit" appears on the right, click it.
  4. That's it, you're in the editor!

How to enter the code?

Basic wiki markup commands you can find. Do not worry, it looks scary at first, especially for those who have never programmed. In fact, all the commands are standard, you only need to substitute your text and your pictures. That is, you don’t need to teach teams at all, just save the above page for yourself and always use it.

For example, you need to create a bold typeface, the command is: <b> Boldface </ b>, you copy this line into the editor and instead of the phrase "Boldfaced" enter the word / words that should, according to your desire, be displayed in this way . Of course, this is an elementary team, but the general meaning is just that. So do not be alarmed and proceed!

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