How to create a web page?

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How to create a web page?

Web pages are plain text files that are tagged with HTML. The rapid development of the Internet leads to the fact that now an increasing number of users are thinking about how to create a web page on their own. Moreover, this does not necessarily well understand programming. It is enough to use special editors.

Visual editors

The main advantage of the visual editor is that the user working with him does not require knowledge of css, html and other technologies used for page layout. In this editor, you can place different elements of a web page, as if on a piece of paper. At this time, the program will write its own code. So, to make a web page, you can use the following editors:

Microsoft FrontPage

To download it, you can go to the following link -. This program provides the ability to create web pages and edit them.FrontPage provides work with Css, Html, Javascript and Dhtml. Additionally, it guarantees users quite impressive opportunities for working with flash-videos and images.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Download this program is recommended from the official site. This is a great tool to create a web page. The program has a simple and intuitive interface. All that is required from the user is to create a document and start arranging the necessary elements on it.

Text editors

If you are studying css, html and other technologies for marking web pages, if you want to learn how to create high-quality websites and become a qualified coder, then use a text editor.

The most simple editor is Notepad. In this program, there are no functions that can simplify your life: there is no insertion of ready-made code, tag highlighting, etc. However, it is standard, so every user has a PC. It is from there that one can begin the first steps in the process of writing code for web pages.

Online services

In addition, to create simple web pages, you can use special online services. Let's look at the most simple and popular ones.

  1. . To make a web page using this designer is so easy that absolutely everyone will be able to cope with this task. When you finish creating the site, the service will make it available forFo.ruindexing. To do this, simply click the "Publish site" button.
  2. . If you want to make a site through this service, then click the "Create Site" button. After a moment, you will see the registration form where you need to fill in the fields, select the type of resource (ordinary website, online store), specify the subject, etc. To edit individual elements of the website just hover the cursor over the required block. A menu will appear on the right side (Edit, Move, Delete). To move a specific block on a web page, simply drag it with the mouse.