How to create music?

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How to create music?

In our time, the creation of musical compositions is not something unthinkably difficult and requiring some special knowledge. You don’t even have to graduate from a music school and understand the whole musical literacy. Now a huge number of famous self-taught musicians, but their works are often written on a level with the geniuses of the modern scene.

Instructions for creating music

How to create music on your computer? You can create music at home only by armed with several old recordings (you can also have new ones, of course) and good headphones in which you can hear the smallest details. Absolutely any audio editor is suitable for this method, the main thing is that it allows you to edit compositions. That is, the point is that you cut the necessary part from one track, for example, drums, and the other part from another, for example, the sound of a guitar. From these cuts, you can try to create your own work. If you think that such antics surprise no one and nothing interesting will come out - listen to the hip-hop of the 2000s, and the fact that they are now released in this genre is often done in a similar way.

Of course, the method above is not the only one. There is also a professional program. How to create music? The most popular is now FL Studio. Perhaps the first time opening the window with the program, you will understand little. There are a lot of videos on YouTube video hosting, how to create music in FL Studio ". Do not be lazy and watch a couple of videos.

Do not think that creating your own compositions is an easy thing. Usually, as music producers themselves say, they have been studying this business for many years before releasing their creations to the general public.

Where to begin

Find or buy a collection of samples on the Internet. If you have a problem with this, then try to cut them yourself from the music on your computer. Now open FL Studio and start your experiments. Do not be afraid to press unfamiliar buttons and settings. In any case, everything can be restored back, but the experience will be invaluable.

Load your samples into the program and try to create your own drum kit. Usually they are built from kick, snare and hi-hat. This is a standard option that can be heard in many tracks. Drums are an important part, so always spend a lot of time on it.

If you have bought or downloaded a full-fledged sample pack on the Internet, then most likely there will be so-called loops. These are almost finished music tracks that you can use. Try to create something of your own with their help to get an idea of ​​how everything should sound and what you should pay attention to.

And the most important thing. Listen to the music thoughtfully and try to notice every little thing. This will help you in creating your masterpiece.